Saturday, June 06, 2009

Record # of Racers at Shark Regatta

The Shark Coupe du Quebec has attracted a record number of boats. There are 21 boats in total and 11 of them are Montreal - area. I think that might be 2 records actually!

I found the breeze and waves difficult today. The #1 would be overpowered in the gusts for our light-ish crew, but the #2, which we put up in the first race was way underpowered. Clunking into some of the waves would bog the boat down. We had running rigging tangles at every leeward mark rounding and during spin hoists too. To add insult to injury the tiller extension pulled out of the wood at the end. So I've got lots of sorting out to go before we can make our boat go properly. To be honest, it was ugly! Still, a bunch of races together sure helps you make a prioritized To Do list.

Perennial favourites, AC-DC experts and all-around real nice guys on the boat Crazy Ivan are running away with the regatta so far. And, heeere's some hot news: wow look at Jin go! His Blue Shark is the first place Montreal boat. A super result, beating a good number of very competitive boats. Well done. Here are the overall top results and also the results for local boats.

Overall Results
  1. Crazy Ivan, 6 points
  2. Bedlam, 16
  3. Frankly Scarlett, 19
  4. Shark Poop, 20
  5. Blue Shark, 21
Montreal Results
  1. Blue Shark, 21 points
  2. Nuisance, 26
  3. Crisis, 36
  4. Vo2 Max, 36
  5. Ketchup, 37
Full Results