Thursday, June 27, 2013

PHRF 3 has a strong start to the season in Good Neighbours Series 1 & 2

PHRF 3 is the largest fleet of club racers on Lac St. Louis. The Good Neighbours series of evening races for BYC and PCYC are where we do most of our racing. Hooray, the season has begun!

On Tuesday evenings, Series 1, saw 16 boats on the water at one point or another. Individual races would see between 9 and 14 boats competing, an average of 11 per race. The Thursday series typically see a smaller fleet. This was the case for this series too: 13 boats in total with an average of 7 per race.

A lot of boats did not compete in a race here or there. That is not surprising in spring as boats are still being worked on, and the summer schedules and rhythms of racers are still falling in place.

Flags will be awarded to the same competitors for both Series 1 on Tuesdays and Series 2 on Thursdays. Kudos to Mike Anderson and crew on Yin & Yang who took 1st overall in both series! 2nd and 3rd overall in both series were traded by Blue Moon and Encore Une Fois. Possibly Beaconsfield YC's most talented sailor, Jin Frati and crew took a 2nd for the Tuesday series and a 3rd for the Thursday series despite missing races in each series! John Linton's crew on the Tanzer 22 Encore Une Fois broke into the huge school of Sharks sailing in this fleet.

All in all, the spring series generally shows the promise of summer as we shake out the cobwebs, and get racing! The next Tuesday and Thursday series of evening racing marks summer. These series have already begun with a race each, and the competition should be heating up!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Isurus Sailing Well this year

The team Isurus has improved their game considerably this year! The Shark team sails out of Beaconsfield Yacht Club. Tom, Anne and Findley are pictured here waiting for wind in this past week end's Coupe Du Quebec. They are doing everything better, starts, sailing the course, mark roundings. Congratulations Isurus.

Picture by Jen Davies

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Laser Clinic at BYC timely with Masters' Championship this week end.

A couple of days from now I will participate in my first big Laser race since 1996.  The race is the Canadian Laser Masters Championship, a race for those 35 or over.  There are 3 categories, Apprentice 35-44, Master, 45-54, Grand Master for those 55 to 64 and Great Grand Master for those 65 and above.

A few older Laser sailors from Beaconsfield Yacht Club organized a sailing training camp for adults.  11 guys showed up and one lady.  Even with the popularity of the radial rig, it seems difficult to find women on the race course.  Coach Rob Koci from Toronto was invited and pushed us past our normal limits.  

Saturday was light, we practiced lots of tacking and starts. It was a little bit frustrating as the wind was excellent before we rigged, while we had lunch and just after we came in.  While we were out, it was light allowing us to feel how much roll was needed for a good roll tack.

Sunday morning was even worse: heavy rain and no wind.  We watched and commented on videos of top sailors manoeuvring and talked about rules, tactics and how to make a boat go fast.  We also ate early and this time we were in synch with the wind at 12.  We had an excellent 3 hours of hiking, tacking, some involuntary swimming and lots of learning.

Thank-you Rob for this excellent clinic.

Etienne Portelance

Editor's note: Etienne told me "I discovered how important the footwork was in the Laser.  There are only so many right places to put feet in a 3 square foot cockpit, thanks to Rob for pointing them out for staying drier going downwind."

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Good Neighbour Series racing in 2013 begins for BYC & PCYC

Montreal sailing has begun with the commencement of the Good Neighbours Series for 2013. Series 1 on Tuesday evenings debuted May 21st with a lot of excitement. A good hard blowing wind from the close northeast shore kept the water fairly flat, and shifty. That made for racing with a lot of compass staring and many boats heading on starboard to shore in search of the lifting and final knock to tack on. The minority of competitors who tacked out on port to sail in clean air didn't fare too badly either.

10 Sharks made for a strong showing for this first race. That high number of boats allowed for every Shark team to have someone of their level to compete against for this one design fleet.The Shark fleet can race against themselves and also the PHRF 3 fleet as a whole. A race within a race so to speak.

Nuisance took the gun in PHRF 3, followed by Sudden Impulse and Yin & Yang. It was great to see Toy Yot take 4th, a great performance. Ambitious took 5th. Isurus is really upping their game and took 6th, trading positions with Ambitious frequently during the race. Kaos took 7th despite sailing shorthanded and with white sails only. The first Tanzer 22 across the line was Goin' Strait. Given the Shark advantage in high wind Goin' Strait had a great race beating a good number of Sharks and the highly competitive Tanzer 22 Encore Une Fois. 13 teams competed in PHRF 3.

Vivace took the Etchells race. Bay Gull took PHRF 1 & 2. 

In the white sail class the J100 Amalia took the gun, followed by the J30 Breakaway. 2 Mirage 24s followed with Chinook edging out Ariel for a good race. 8 boats competed in White Sail.

This race was an excellent start to the season.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Spring Prep for AQVA

Happy spring everyone!

Just about all of the boats seem to have been through their spring preparation rituals and splashed. A couple of weeks ago the AQVA fleet were at it too. Thanks Jen for the note and pic.

AQVA had a Boat Clean Up day at PCYC. Many sailors and volunteers came out to get 6 Martins and three 2.4mRs ready to go (4 Martins and one 2.4 are program boats, and two more Martins and 2.4s are privately owned.....expanding fleet!). 

It was great to have so many people come out to help with everything from Boathouse runs to anti-fouling Martins, shroud repair to hull polishing!