Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lake of Two-Mountains « Wednesday nights series » 2006

Thanks Pierre for the wrap up to great reports, and congratulations on your victory!

Race 4 – June 28th

For this the last race of the LTM Wednesday night series, the HYC race committee (Jean-Luc Gosselin and Pat Patterson) chose to set their course right in front of the HYC to offer a good spectacle to their Wednesday night terrace dinner customers! The winds were from the South-East at 10 knots but lightened throughout the race. The conditions where very challenging with major windshifts happening on both sides of the course near shore (sometimes simultaneously!).

In the 3&WS fleet, the Tanzer 22 fleet dominated the race. Michel Ouellet’s Tohu Bohu won the start at the pin end of the line and led until the last leg when he unfortunately sailed into a windless hole! This turn of luck permitted 3 boats to pass to leeward of him! At the pin end of the line, Patrice Delhaes’s Turbo got over first, 10 seconds in front of Pierre Marois’s Coquine who played the committee boat end of the line. Trevor Collins’s Penny Wise followed Coquine’s path to finish third. Tohu Bohu saved a fourth just in front of Chris Campbell’s Shigawac.

In the 1&2 fleet, the HYC Etchells where again in a class by themselves, Allan Gray’s Slim winning by two minutes over Scott Lawrence’s Quill. Pham The Trinh’s J27 Top Gun was third, Ron Harris’s J22 Jazz was fourth and Claude Robitaille’s J29 Perceval finished fifth.

A total of 45 boats participated in the 4 race series. Here are the overall results;

  1. Slim, Etchells, Allan Gray, HYC, 4 points
  2. Quill, Etchells, Scott Lawrence, HYC, 9 points
  3. Top Gun, J27, Pham The Trinh, CNDM, 14 points

  1. Jazz, J22, Ron Harris, HYC, 9 points
  2. High Strung, J24, Dave Cobbett, HYC, 10 points
  3. Varmint, J24, Cyrille Vittecoq, HYC, 15 points

  1. Red Coat, Niagara 26, Ross Tellier, HYC, 6 points
  2. Wotan, Niagara 26, David Godin, CNDM, 16 points
  3. Mahng, Niagara 26, Schmidt, HYC, 17 points

PHRF 3 and VB
  1. Coquine, Tanzer 22, Pierre Marois, CVL, 6 points
  2. Turbo, Tanzer 22, Patrice Delhaes, CVL, 7 points
  3. Sloup du Jour, Tanzer 22, Ken Hodgson, HYC, 19 points

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good Neighbours Series A - June 27th

Montreal Sailing's tip of the hat goes to Rob Levy for yestereve's racing. A dinghy and 26' keelboat had collided, with the dinghy losing it's mast and draping its sail over the keelboat's spin pole. This occurred fairly close to the leeward mark, and the area was busy with boats rounding. The race committee was anchored nearby, and the keelboat in question was pulling a dinghy sailor out of the water. All seemed under control, but Rob Levy, having just rounded called out to see if all was okay. Not hearing an answer Rob turned his Fireball around and called out again, sailing back to the affair. Despite the event Rob completed the race. 5 Fireballs competed, and the victors were Joe Jospe and Tom Egli. 2 420s and a 29er were out and about on the centreboard course.

George Stedman was first overall and first of three Sharks out. Jake Fichten brought his Tanzer 22 over for first of five T22s and 2nd overall. Peter Rahn sailed well for 3rd overall in his Shark. John Linton's Tanzer 22 had a difficult race with the chute, and placed seventh. This drops him to second overall in the series, 2 points behind Don McDonough's Shark. I have a feeling both of these boats will be on the start line for the next Tuesday's race!

David Wisenthal's C&C 41 walked away with first in the white sail division, followed by the Hunter 34, Anonyme. The first small boat across was Helmut Langeder's Tanzer 22, Breezin', followed by Laird Glass' T22, and Olivier Rocher's Mirage 24. It was good to see that Joseph Zolla made it over from the Lord Reading Yacht Club in his T22. Helmut has now got a fairly good hold on 1st overall in this series clipping David Wisenthal by being out there for all but one race, and always sailing well. Next small boat is John and Esther's M24, and they've also been out a lot and sailing well.

Tonight was a difficult sail choice in the white sail division. The wind was initially blowing in the upper range for a #1 genoa, and typically lightened up as the race progressed. However, the sky was dark with threatening clouds and the possibility of lightning or heavy air looked very imminent. This led many boats to opt for a #2 genoa, leaving them underpowered, particularly for the downwind legs. Perhaps everyone should fly whatever Helmut flies from now on!

Dick Stefan took the bullet in the Etchells field, followed by Jim Rowlandson less than half a minute later. Jim had 4 aboard rather than the usual 3. The evening's weather had many speculating on a potential squall racing over the course. I wonder if Jim was thinking of the wet and windy Etchells championship recently, or having fun with good people! David Lowther crossed next for 3rd out of 6 boats. Stephan Blais' J24 won over the Kirby 25, "Clipper" with both finishing less than a minute apart.

The race committee laid a short course which got most into harbour before a heavy downpour.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Paul does Toronto NOOD

The results have been posted for the Toronto stop of "Sailing World's" high profile National Offshore One Design (N.O.O.D) regatta series. It is unclear how many times Montreal sailor Paul Baehr has sailed NOOD, however he definitely streaked through the fleet, posting one bullet, one second place and a fourth overall in the Shark class. Talk about blindsiding the fleet! Montreal Sailing extends hearty congratulations to the highest member from Montreal, and recommends the rest of the fleet get a grip and drown its sorrows in a stiff one. Seriously, Paul's really upping his game and showing he can be one of our best. Well done!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Neighbours Series A - June 20th

8 Etchells raced on this evening and all finished within 2 minutes of each other from front to back. 4 boats were less than half a minute apart. That's fun. The results are early but it is beginning to look like Pierre Jasmin' is the powerhouse Etchells team to beat in the Good Neighbours Series. Hot on his tail was Jim Rowlandson and the Etchells helmed by a relative newcomer to PCYC, Dick Stefan. After the Etchells crowd, Stephan Blais was next in his J24 with a Kirby 25 crossing only seconds later. Stephan is out there all the time, and it is just great to see another boat with a near identical handicap now on the race course to play with!

Three Fireballs and two Tornados also made it out on this night.

William Shishakly took the PHRF III, first overall, and first Shark. William says, this night was one where picking the right side made all the difference. Indeed, the first three boats, William, Don's Shark Kaos, and Jake Fichten's (first Tanzer 22) Sine Wave finished in that order, less than 30 seconds apart. The rest of the fleet, sailed a different course and finished 7 to nine minutes later. That grouping of finishers was led by Olivier Rocher in his Mirage 24. 10 boats raced PHRF III.

White Sail was won by a familiar boat, which I see in the results for the first time this year, David Baby's beautiful Ptarmigan, a C&C Corvette 31. One of my crew, marvels of this full keeled classic boat more than many other at BYC. Helmut Langeder took second after handicap in his Tanzer 22, Breezin'. Way to go Bruce Vineberg for picking up third in his T22. I think this is Bruce's second season in the boat. John Macleod's Mirage 24 was clipped by Han's Hunter 34. Apparently no one was injured.

Wind at Dorval Airport
  • 19:00 h: 17kph at 330 degrees
  • 20:00h: 7 kph at 340 degrees
  • 21:00 h: 4 kph at 290 degrees
What a killer if you're racing a smaller slower boat in the same start as others with our evening softening winds eh!?

Montreal Sailing congratulates Olivier Rocher and Bruce Vineberg on their game this evening.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Régates « Star d’un jour »!

Le dimanche 9 juillet 2006, les Staristes de la flotte du Québec vous offrent l’occasion de barrer (ou d’équiper) un Star lors de 2 petites régates amicales. Si vous avez déjà une certaine expérience de régates et désirez en savoir plus sur ce bateau exceptionnel, venez vous joindre à nous au Club Nautique des Deux-Montagnes (CNDM) à Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac vers 10h30 – 11h00.

Au programme, un tour d’horizon du bateau et de son fonctionnement, collation offerte par la flotte de Star du Québec, mise à l’eau des bateaux, départ de la première course à 13h00 et bière gratuite à l’arrivée.

Le gagnant recevra en prime un chandail le la flotte de Star du Québec.

Une occasion unique à ne pas manquer!

L’enregistrement est obligatoire et doit être fait le vendredi 7 juillet au plus tard. Pour ce faire, écrivez-moi à

Le Star est une des classes les plus actives dans la région de Montréal. En plus des courses du District 12 qui nous permettent de confronter la crème des États voisin et de l’Ontario, nous régatons localement au CNDM tous les mercredis et vendredis soir jusqu’à la mi-septembre et ensuite les samedis jusqu’à la mi-octobre.

Le Star, avec un poids minimum de 671 kg se laisse facilement remorquer de plus il y a un marché d’occasion qui permet de se procurer un Star compétitif avec sa remorque pour aussi peu que 2000$!

Pour plus d’information, visitez le site Web de notre flotte

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Niagara 26 One Design Regatta!

One of the nicest boats you see around the Montreal area is the Niagara 26. Why do I like it? Well for one thing, it is fast for a boat of this size and type, fitting into the typically combined PHRF I & II starts. Secondly, it is a sufficiently roomy and nicely appointed boat for cruising. Now, it could even get better.

David Godin, owner of the N26, Wotan, sails out of CNDM. This club has the long-standing Quebec One Design Open which falls on the week end after the Labour Day week end regatta. David would like to invite Niagara 26 owners to attend this regatta for a N26 One Design championship. Cool, that would make the boat even better! Oh yeah, ONE DESIGN! I have seen Niagara 26's racing the Labour Day long distance PHRF race. Now, after that, one could just sail the short distance to CNDM, leave the boat tied up in their excellent harbour, and come back the following week end for the best racing possible. Interested parties should contact David Godin at

Friday, June 23, 2006

Another Good Year For the MBA Star Regatta

Thanks to Alain and Philippe for sending along this report. 13 Stars competed in this event!

by Alain Vranderick

top photo -
Trophy time for Brian Cramer and Tyler Bjorn, 1st overall.
lower photo - Hans Fogh and David Ceasar, 2nd overall.

13 teams of sailors from the US, Ontario and Quebec gathered at Club Nautique Deux-Montagnes for the second installment of the Montreal Bi-Annual Star Regatta.

Out of town teams showed up on Friday at CNDM to rig the boats, and practice in the beautiful south-westerly breeze. The field was pretty deep with talent with the 3 representatives of the Canadian Sailing team (Brian Cramer sailing with MontrealÂ’s own Tyler Bjorn, and David Ceaser sailing with Hans Fogh) and 3 former Olympians (Hans Fogh double medal winner, Ian Bruce, and Larry Scott). The fleet was rounded up with the usual suspects from the Montreal Fleet.

Racing started on time at 11 on a 1.2 nautical mile (to windward) windward-leeward course, in a westerly breeze of 8-10 knot. The team of Cramer/Bjorn sailed solidly to take first place, followed by Fogh/Ceaser in second and the local team of Marcotte/Vranderick rounding up the top three. The Race Committee started a second race promptly after the first in a dying breeze. This race was abandoned, to the joy of everybody on the water, after the expiry of the two hour time limit. The fleet headed to shore for refreshments and steak dinner. The talk at dinner revolved around which channel game 6 of the Stanley cup finals could be viewed on, and which place was more appropriate to view the game.

Sunday morning started with a steady 8-10 knot south-westerly, and the forecast was calling for increasing breeze all day. Good times ahead. Local fleet champ William Hendershot joined the fun on Sunday after missing SaturdayÂ’s racing. The day called for two races, with an earlier start at 10:00. The first race started in 10 knots of breeze, on a slightly shorter windward-leeward course than the previous day. The team of Cramer/Bjorn topped the fleet again followed by Fogh/Ceaser in second and Line/Scott in third. The RC started the 3rd race in a building breeze (now at 12 knots). There were some close calls on the first windward leg with everybody fighting for the left side of the course. Close racing all around the course, with the final windward leg slightly skewed because of a veering breeze. Fogh/Ceasar won the last race, with Cramer/Bjorn in second and Line/Scott in third.

Lake of Two-Mountains built on its reputation by throwing some great conditions at the fleet, and great Race committee work. All in all, a good regatta, great fleet racing, and we hope to see even more people attend in third holding of this event in 2008.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nepean One Design 2006

Competitors and anyone interested in great racing photography should visit Curved Space Studio's website. I purchased some fine work last year, and hope to find some good ones of Ambitious this year too.

A lot of boats made the trip to the Nepean Sailing Club in Ottawa for their annual one design regatta. Montreal Sailing thinks the clubhouse, harbour, and docks at NSC are the best there is. This regatta is one of the premier events that are not too far a tow beyond our sailing locale. Saturday consisted of light air sailing, and the Sunday started that way, but ended up blowing for the latter half. The higher winds brought some collisions too as Andanzaz, a Laser 28 from RStLYC, and Blue Heron, from BYC both got involved in bang ups. The problem as I saw it was that not only did the wind become heavier, but it also blew across the river, instead of along it. This made for struggling, tiring crews in dense, fast traffic on the short course.

For sure the N.O.D. is an exciting championship regatta, usually a counter for many fleets in their championship series. So, the racing is a notch above the usual fare. Ambitious placed mid-fleet in the Tanzer 22 class, which is good for us. I was particularly pleased since we missed the first race while rigging, then made up for it with our first bullet at a championship level. Cool! The light winds were full of significant shifts on every leg, so attentiveness to the wind was a priority. By the time the high winds came Sunday, the light crew were lacking in sleep, sun-scorched, and tired. So we opted to switch down to a brand spanking new #2 genoa which slowed us a mite but kept us in the game admirably.

Bruiser, the Fireball from PCYC did very well picking up second overall, and two bullets. I believe Bruiser is their scholarship boat, but I'm not certain.

3 local Sharks were there, led by Ketchup in 4th overall, helmed by George Stedman who also picked up a bullet. Tof Nicoll-Griffith's Crisis raced well, but got hurt by a dsq. Jin Frati's Blue Heron did very well, including a 2nd in one race! Unfortunately, they appear to not have completed the last race, which presumably was that of the collision with a Kirby 25. Back at BYC, a quick look at the damage seems to indicate nothing hull piercing, but into the fibre below the waterline. Scary! Montreal Sailing wishes them well and hopes they're back on the water soon.

Excuse our triviality here at Montreal Sailing, but we enjoy the name-calling... of boats that is. Here are my favourites from the NOD:

  • Das Woof
  • L'eau rider
  • Dynamo Hum
  • Shark Poop
  • Trailer Park Buoys
  • Wobbly Pop

Guylaine Bosse out for a toot on SF Bay

Guylaine Bosse does mid-position on the Tanzer 22, #92, Ambitious, and recently some evenings on John & Esther Macleod's Mirage 24. However, she is now planning on doing the Baha this year from California to Mexico. This will be her ride, an Islander 36, I believe. Oh, what a life we have.

Lake of Two-Mountains « Wednesday nights series » 2006

Here is another report from Pierre Marois about LDM racing. I'm really enjoying where the rivalries and competitions are heating up!

Race 3 -– June 21st

The course for this third race was supposed to be set in front of the HYC to accommodate boats from CNDM and CVMO. Unfortunately, the winds where light and from the south and with these conditions it is very difficult to set up a course in this narrow part of the lake. The HYC race committee (Pat Patterson and Kevin) chose instead to come nearer to CVL and bring the fleet another mile up the lake. They delayed the start to give more time to some late boats and then reset their course with the help of CVL'’s Patrick Perreault. The wind at the start was from the south at 10 knots but lightened throughout the race and died completely by the time the mid-fleet boat where finishing. This left a good part of the fleet outside the 30 minutes time limit and 18 of the 38 boats had to score a DNF.

In the 3&WS fleet, the Tanzer 22's were again out in force. 15 of them were racing against a Tanzer 7.5, C+C 25 and Grampian 26. The CVL'’s Twins (Coquine and Turbo) battled from the start and match raced to the finish. This time it was Pierre Marois'’s Coquine's turn to win by 2 boat lengths in front of Patrice Delhaes'’s Turbo. They where followed by Ken Hodgson'’s Sloop du Jour, Chris Campbell'’s Shigawac and Michel Ouellet'’s Tohu Bohu.

In the 1&2 fleet, the HYC Etchells had a match race of their own with Allan Gray'’s Slim winning by a minute over Scott Lawrence'’s Quill. Varmint, Cyrille Vittecoq'’s J24 was third, Pham The Trinh'’s J27 Top Gun was fourth and Dave Cobbett'’s J24 High Strung finished fifth.

The fourth and last race of the series is scheduled next Wednesday night in front of HYC.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

GNS - June 13th

Last Tuesday was another light wind night, with a mild pleasant temperature. In PHRF III, the Sharks took the top five places both in real and corrected time. Jin Frati had an excellent night, as first over the line in 58 minutes followed half a minute later by Tof Nicoll-Griffith, then Don McDonough. Richard and Erica Moore had a good evening too, placing fifth in their Mirage 24, Ariel. The Tanzer 22 fleet saw John Linton cross the line first followed by Shelley Dorfman, then Jake Fichten. It was a good showing of competitors with 2 Mirage 24's, 7 Sharks, and 5 Tanzer 22's.

A good turnout of 9 Etchells raced this evening. They had lighter winds that dropped to lighter again, with the first boat across being #1263 in 73 minutes.

I had a good time racing Manfred Ottinger's Tanzer 22, Contention in the white sail division tonight which had not been set up to sail till then. We had to steal a boom vang, and mistakenly tacked on a 1980's vintage genoa, but made it out for the fun with a tow from Jake Fichten. I imagine Manfred's boat could be very competitive when it's set up is complete. Thanks Manfred for your generosity! We had a decent start just below John Austen's Tanzer 22, which allowed us to squeeze him a little dirt, and move up almost 2 boat lengths. We were a pack of about 4 boats on that part of the line. Special Effect, the huge C&C 41 respectfully started a little later but of course had marvelous speed and had a good line to windward. John Austen's T22 was the first able to tack off Special Effect's stern, while the others hung on for another minute. That gave John Austen a path in clear air towards the shore where there was a stronger breeze (still light). From there they sailed a superb, mistake free race. We managed to tack over to the shore a little later, but there was no way to catch them. Special Effect sailed a fast race to cross the line first in 55 minutes followed by the Grampian 26, Sawiki which took third corrected, and the C&C 33, Mumm II. John Austen's Tanzer 22 is to be congratulated for breaking up the big boat party and taking a well deserved second overall. Contention took 5th overall, second small boat, and was very pleased with that. On the last windward leg, we were leading a parade along the shore, as there was not really a choice for others but to follow in the stronger breeze on that side. Helmut Langeder's Tanzer 22, Breezin' stayed right on our stern but couldn't get by. Helmut was in turn being harassed by the Macleod's Mirage 24, Chinook. Bad air forced Chinook to fall off, but they chose to stay on the same tack with the better breeze. That paid off for them as they did well on a low but fast course, managing to round the mark before Breezin'. Chinook took 6th, and Breezin' 7th. 13 boats sailed white sail including 6 T22's and each of the others being unique.

Wind speed at Dorval airport was consistently 9-11 kph, and direction was 250 degrees.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Lake of Two-Mountains « Wednesday nights series » 2006

Here is another of Pierre Marois' excellent reports. Thanks to Pierre, I'm already looking forward to when LTM and LSL boats meet!

Race 2 -– June 14th

35 boats gathered in front of Oka for the second race of the LTM Wednesday nights series. Before the start, winds where very light and from various directions! The HYC race committee (Bill Hansen and Pat Patterson) had the good sense to delay the starts until the wind settled from the N-E at 5 to 8 knots.

In the 3&WS fleet, 15 Tanzer 22's were racing against Tanzer 26 and 7.5, Sharks and Mirage 24. Patrice Delhaes'’s T22 Turbo won the start at the starboard end of the line and lead at all the marks for an easy victory in front of 11 other T22. He was followed by Pierre Marois'’s Coquine, Chris Campbell'’s Shigawac, Trevor Collins's Penny Wise and Michel Ouellet'’s Tohu Bohu.

In the 1&2 fleet, Allan Gray'’s Etchells Slim once again romped the fleet winning by 2 and a half minutes over second place Scott Lawrence'’s Etchells Quill. Sherlock, Cork Winter'’s J27 was third, Dave Cobbett'’s J24 High Strung was fourth and Daniel Godin'’s Niagara 26 Wotan finished fifth. It was good to see 5 Niagara 26's out racing that night and battling for the win in the PHRF 2 class.

The third race of the series is scheduled next Wednesday night in front of HYC.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Maud Cup

  1. Lowther, Dave
  2. Covo, Dave
  3. Palfreeman, Brian
  4. Fratti, Jin
  5. McDonough, Don
  6. Fortin, Laurent
  7. Rocher, Olivier
  8. TBD
  9. Moore, Richard
  10. Vatcher, Peter
  11. Glass, Laird
There was a good turn out for the Maud Cup this year, especially considering the rain! Three Etchells sailors took the top three finishes. Jin and Don did well taking 4th and 5th in their Sharks. Larry Fortin must have enjoyed the day with his self-tacking jib! Olivier Rocher was first Mirage 24, followed by a J24, and Richard Moore in his M24 in the standings. Peter Vatcher was first of two Tanzer 22s, followed by Laird Glass. Wind strength went from 22 to 30 kmph. at Dorval airport. I would make a guess that was enough wind to force the single-handers in the Tanzer 22s to use a smaller 140 genoa not having crew. Isn't that a super poster of Laird!?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Lake of Two-Mountains « Wednesday nights series » 2006

Pierre Marois wrote this excellent report for Montreal Sailing on the inter-club racing happening on Lac Des Deux Montagnes - thanks Pierre!
Race 1 – June 7th

The Hudson Yacht Club is organising this year's 4 race series with the help of CVL for race 1 and 3, and of CNDM for race 2 and 4. The course for this first evening was set in front of HYC. Winds were from the N-E at 5 to 8 kn. and were very shifty due to the funnel effect in this part of the lake. More than 30 boats from HYC, CVL, CNDM and CVMO where in attendance. The first start (PHRF 3 and white sails) got away cleanly, and 20 boats where beating up the first leg when a big 30° velocity shift hit the fleet from the East; winds at 20 kn. with bursts at 25 to 30 created chaos for those with light #1 genoas!

The HYC race committee was quick to react. Ross Tellier and Pat Patterson delayed the PHRF 1&2 start and then abandoned the PHRF 3 and White sail race. With the help of CVL’s Pierre Charbonneau they moved all the marks and restarted their fleet (PHRF 1 and 2 starting first this time).

In the 1&2 fleet, the conditions where just right for the Etchells and Allan Gray’s Slim led at all the marks for an easy victory. Allan was just back from the Etchells Canadians at PCYC where he placed 6th and first of the Montreal fleet. Ron Harris was second with his J22 Jazz and Dave Cobbett was third with his J24 High Strung. It is good to see that there is a resurgence of J24 racing on LTM this year. 6 boats from HYC and 1 from CVL are battling it out each week!

In the 3&WS fleet, 12 Tanzer 22’s where racing against a C+C 25 and Mirage 24.

After a close race between the top 5 T22s, Pierre Marois’ Coquine came in first, followed by Bernard LeDuc’s Maverick, Patrice Delhaes’s Turbo, Ken Hodgson’s Sloup du Jour and Michel Ouellet’s Tohu Bohu.

All these competitors and more will meet next week in front of Oka for the second race of the series.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

GNS June 6th - no wind

Boats left the harbour just in case a wind might result from cooling evening temperatures. It reached 30 degrees today! Alas, it was to no avail and the third GNS Series A race was cancelled.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Etchells Canadian Championship

The local Etchells fleet had what will likely be their most challenging competition in the Montreal area this year. PCYC hosted the class' Canadian championship over the week end. Consisting of 8 races, they had stronger winds and rain Saturday, and lighter winds in fair weather Sunday. Some superb sailors made the trip to Montreal which must have been a treat for the local gang to compete with. Indeed, the top 5 of the standings were filled with some great out of town sailors. Here are the podium places.

  1. Dirk Knuelman,Hank Lammens, Mike Wolfs, PCYC, Ontario
  2. Wade Edwards, Justin Mullins, Tim Platt, CYC, USA
  3. Jonathan Nye, Steve Giling, Marc Jacobi, IHYC, USA
Ray Harrington of LCYC, USA with Karl Fjeid, and Al Kayes, managed 5th overall despite having an OCS that he didn't restart on, and another DNF. Knuelman took 5 bullets, a second, and a third placing, and dropped a fifth. Edwards and Nye finished one point apart. Top local boat was helmed by Allan Gray of HYC with Matt Skafel, and Kevin Thompson crewing. They took 6th overall out of a good turnout of 17 boats.

Monday, June 05, 2006

GNS Race Committee gets a headache

The race committee for the Good Neighbours race on May 30th had it's hands full. An unusual wind from the north, light, and and shifting gave them a difficult evening. The race committee moved the windward mark early on. Most of the boats racing did not finish the course, which was also shortened, as there was considerable confusion on what the course to sail wound up being. One boat ran aground on the race course which at the top was fairly close to shore thanks to the wind direction and shift. Not a single boat in PHRF I & II finished. Only two boats completed the course in PHRF III, Tof Nicholl-Griffith in his Shark, then John Linton in his Tanzer 22. It must have been less of a mix up for those sailing the course for white sail only. All eight boats competing finished. Laird Glass took the win with his T22, Oasis. Second was Helmut Langeder in his T22. Third was John and Esther Macleod in their Mirage 24. Special Effect the big C&C 41 had to settle for 7th on this evening. Earlier, the very long and very tall Special Effect sailed through the PHRF I fleet's start and caused a hulabaloo! Nothing whatsoever illegal with that, but the proper thing is to stay clear of other starts. We all get tough lessons at times don't we?

Wind at Dorval Airport measured at between 3 and 7 kph and coming from 110 to 190 degrees.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Sharks hold first Counter

The Shark Association held its first counter regatta for the 2006 series, the Trillium, May 27-28th. Jin Frati with Blue Heron and Paul Baehr with Sudden Impulse made the trek to Toronto to attend at the R.C.Y.C. Both Montreal Sailors established mid-fleet positions for this one. Paul pulled off 13th place in two of the three races out of the fleet of 34 boats. Greg Cockburn in Eager 4 More took 1st overall.

photo by John Brunt