Friday, October 31, 2008

Blues For Sail / Blues A Pleine Voiles

Coming soon: a benefit concert for the AQVA.

Dawn Tyler Watson and Paul Deslauriers will play Bourbon St. West on November 9th. Doors open at 7 pm, tickets are $20. Bourbon is a good venue for a show. It's located at 1866, boul. des Sources in Pointe Claire. See the sidebar for a link to the AQVA for this great association that enables sailing for sailors with mobility impairments.

Thanks Paula for getting the word out! - Ralph, Montreal Sailing

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pas De Deux 2008: Jake & Cathy Crash the Etchells Party

Jake & Cathy (seated on the left) sailed today. Pictured also, but not racing today is Marbeth.

It was an extremely light wind day, and Jake & Cathy took the lead from us in our Shark very quickly in this fun pursuit race. We were the scratch boat. The Tanzer 22 was the boat to sail today. Being a J.A.M sail distance race with significant sections off the wind, the big masthead genny served them well. Of course Cathy always sails both high and fast, and Jake had the strategy just right. By staying high upwind to Baie d'Urfe they managed to be less affected by the wind knock near Dowker's Island, and they did not have to throw in the extra tack before reaching the windward mark. Boats that went left had a wee bit more wind, and less current to deal with. It was only on the last leg that the wind picked up significantly, allowing David Covo's Etchells to gain its stride, and nip in front for the race victory. Well done David. The Fichten's Sine Wave was next followed by the good lookin' Etchells pack. Sawiki, is a Grampian 26 sailed by a regular contender for white sail Top Dawg, Ben Waring from BYC. The Warings did very well today too, finishing in the top tier.

Another very pleasant day on the water, was followed by a chili lunch and good draft at PCYC. This race has a twist in that the big trophy is awarded to the club which has a combination of best finishes and the most boats competing as the winning criteria. Once again, PCYC edged out RSt.LYC by a slim margin.

If you're boat hasn't been hauled out for the season yet, today was a good day to be sailing in Montreal

Friday, October 03, 2008

Rum Race 2008: Results

Here are the results from the Rum Race last week end. It was a good turn out, a lovely mild day, and very light but useable wind.

  1. Tac Tic, Brian Palfreeman, Etchells, 305
  2. Eminence Grise, David Covo, Etchells, 263
  3. Impudence, David Lowther, Etchells, 931
  4. Nuisance, Toby Bryant, Shark, 324
  5. Sine Wave, Jake Fichten, Tanzer 22, 835
  6. Kajak, Anthony Lowther, Kirby 25, 212
  7. Evil Waves, Yves Leger, Santana 20, 464
  8. Ariel, Erica Moore, Mirage 24
  9. Chinook, John Macleod, Mirage 24, 250
  10. Mainsail, Ralph Stocek, Shark, 901
  11. Alan Limburner, Hunter 34, 148
  12. Bruno Frank, Alberg 30, 297
  13. Prozac, Carl Lee, Beneteau 311,
  14. Tanzer 22, 2037
  15. Tiny Dancer, Richard Blackburn, Catalina 25, 303
  16. Erindira, Robin Drew, Shark, 1824

- Ralph, Montreal Sailing