Monday, February 25, 2013

Rahn's on top at 2013 Wayfarer U,S. Nat'ls & Midwinter's

Peter and Alex Rahn have won the joint 2013 Annual Midwinter International Wayfarer and U.S. National Championship Regatta. Hosted by the Lake Eustis Sailing Club in Florida, the regatta has been a favoured February getaway for the father and son team from Beaconsfield Yacht Club. Peter and Alex took bullets in seven out of eight races. Regular winter rivals, Jim and Linda Heffernan took the other race win. Judging from the picture here, the Rahn duo were still feeling the heat of the fleet.

The Rahn's also met Will Hendershot from Club Des Voiles Deux Montagnes sailing his MC Scow at the same venue. The MC Scows were sailing their Trainwreck Regatta. Will took 15th out of 41 entries

28 degrees centigrade apparently!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Laser Sailing

I like this shot of Brenda Bowskill (Whitby, On) by John Payne. This was taken of her sailing in Miami fior the recent round of the 2013 ISAF World Cup. Our Beaconsfield Yacht Club is hosting the Laser Masters Canadian Championship this year, June 13-16. Sure makes me want to get in one!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Robitaille at Miami ISAF World Cup Robitaille

The video above is the Day 4 Highlights from the Miami OCR including many classes and the new Nacra 17.

Of particular interest is some good Finn coverage. You can see the light air technique and pumping. Of special interest for local fans is the great footage of Martin Robitaille (CVL) who is continuing to do exceptionally well with this beginning of a new Olympic quadrennium. Robitaille took 6th overall at this World Cup event.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Woodie Fireball Lives On!

 Here's a woodie for the local Fireball crowd, the DIYers and traditionalists everywhere. This beautiful restoration is the family Fireball project, US 7634, of John Ibele. He hails from Minneapolis. The boat was originally built by his family in the seventies. It makes me wince at my all-too-brief Fireball ownership, and want to get cracking on the plywood Y-Flyer I have had garaged for years.

You can read up on, and see more pics of this beau-craft on his blog Family Fireball