Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Quebec Dinghy Championships

This year, the 2010 Quebec Dinghy Championships will be hosted by the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club, on September 11th & 12th.  Open category classes include; Laser, Laser Radial, 29er and RSX.  The BIC OD 293 windsurfer is categorized as 19 and under.  Youth classes include; Byte, Laser 4.7, 420 and Optimist.  Come warm up as the fall racing season gets underway and see what RStLYC has to offer.  It is also worth noting that the Quebec Dinghy Championships are being held right outside one of the most vibrant North American cities, Montreal!  Link to the NOR/Registration info can be found on the club website homepage at: .   Jess Lombard

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sharks at CNDM One Design Regatta: Day One

Wow, what a day. The CNDM One Design race had plenty of challenging wind. The velocity was fairly high, went up and down constantly, was puffy, gusty, and full of dangerous holes. Of course that kind of wind constantly shifted as well, so it was crazy at times trying to stay on top of it all. VO2 Max is sailing super well with plenty of bullets after the first day, so they have to be in first place. Kudos to Toy-Yot which is also having a great regatta, getting some of their best results  as a Shark team. Paul Baehr's team is also hot sailing with higher results the pay off. They are in the hunt for podium positions.

CNDM is one of the most beautiful venues in Montreal sailing with a great view of the harbour, lake, and sunsets from Adirondack chairs in the garden, or from the social party happening in the big gazebo where the free beer was getting passed around very quickly. Supper was a very tasty meal, and a social event. Bill Lyman made not one, but two well received speeches, and got a standing ovation for the CNDM folk.

We sailed five races in hot sun and big breeze, so the crews were pretty thirsty and exhausted when we returned to harbour and partying. Tomorrow, we are expecting more of the same kind of action.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sharks at CNDM One Design Regatta

Today is an important day for the Montreal Shark fleet. As many of you know, it has seen rapid growth in the last couple of years. This year, that growth has made the difference in a new way, a new regatta. CNDM, the latest club with a good number of the new Sharks has organized the CNDM One Design Regatta and Sharks will be there. This regatta used to be a significant stop in the SLVYRA circuit, but hasn't been on the radar for some time. Now, it will be a very important event for Sharks.

I will even say it will be this year's most important regatta for the Shark fleet. Sure the Canadian Championship at BYC was a fantastic event. We all loved it. Next year BYC will host the World Championship. The CNDM One Design Regatta is not our biggest (but it is excellent with 15 or 16 Sharks). However, we now have a second one design stop to race in Montreal. We don't have to travel to the metro-Toronto area to race this week end. That is a really, really, big development! We now also have formal one design racing on both of the lakes around Montreal, Lac St. Louis and Lac Des Deux Montagnes. So, this is an important event for Montreal Sharks.

Today's racing should be intense with lots of wind, and some very competitive spirits out there strutting their stuff!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Montrealers At The High Performance Regattas

Martin Robitaille, photo by A. Robitaille.

There are three active one design fleets in the Montreal area with sailors racing here and traveling too. So, lets check in on some recent performances.  Montreal Sailors have been having some pretty exciting racing both here and beyond our pond, so to speak.

  • Jamie Allan, Lightning North American Championship, 15th
  • Peter Hall, Masters' Lightning North American Championship, 1st
  • Tof Nicoll-Griffith, Shark North American Championship, 3rd (Tof was tops, but 5 boats from Montreal competed!)
  • Jean-Pierre Kiekens, Canadian Laser Masters Championship, 17th
  • Martin Robitaille, Canadian Junior Laser Championship, 1st (and 6th overall in full-rig!)
Congratulations to our Top Dawgs!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Allan has a big win leading into Lightning NA's

Flash from Jay Deakin:

"Jamie Allan of BYC just won the Lightning North American’s qualifier. Strong fleet of 78 boats including 5 time world champion Tito Gonzalez of Chile. The championship series starts today."

Racing is taking place at the Toms River Yacht Club, in New Jersey. The North American's run from today through Friday. Michael and Valerie Holly are crewing with Jamie Allan. Below are top five from the qualifiers.
  1. Allan, Jamie
  2. Terhune, Allan
  3. Starck, David
  4. Gonzalez, Tito
  5. Adams, Ed

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HYC Annual and Sharks at CNDM Both a Go

Although HYC postponed the Womens' National Keelboat Championship to next year due to low water levels, the Annual Regatta for Labour Day week end is still on. So is the One Design Regatta at CNDM the week end before. At HYC, concern at the boat launch area was a problem, and some J24 owners were concerned for their boats being chartered to those unfamiliar with the troublesome areas.

Bernard Le Duc, HYC J22 sailor says "to be very careful about course setting and be aware of shallow spots". That is always a given for this event as I remember many years seeing boats coming into contact with the bottom or a rock. So, this year, some extra special attention to where we are going seems like very good advice! Still, I am confident the event will be a highlight of the season as usual.

The one design racing at CNDM is a very exciting development for that one design fleet. This year, the Sharks are the largest single racing fleet by far. Actually, for large-scale one design racing, it is fair to say the Sharks are the game in Montreal. To have another club and one design regatta on its calendar is a super development. I don't know what classes are attending, but hopefully those beautiful Stars will be out too.

That being said, the HYC PHRF distance race on the Saturday of Labour Day week end will be the climax of many sailors' season. It is a wonderful time out for both casual racers with a picnic and those shooting for their best race since their is usually about a hundred keelboats of all types. All of them want to have fun, and the harbour party and supper after are good evidence of what a social event it is for all.

See you out there!

Monday, August 09, 2010

HYC has to postpone 2010 CYA Women’s Keelboat Championships, grounded by low water levels

Below is an article posted on the CYA website this morning. Although we have all been concerned about low levels of water, I had no idea it was this bad up by Hudson. If HYC has had to cancel a national championship, one has to wonder if it is safe to race in the upcoming Hudson Annual Regatta. This is such a popular event that so many of us look forward to, but of course no one wants to jeopardize our boats. It makes me wonder about the Shark regatta at CNDM the weekend before as well. I have heard no other news so far. Despite difficulties in the harbour, BYC was able to hold the Shark Canadian Championships earlier this season. Many of the Etchells at PCYC have also not been sailing this year. Our sympathies go out to HYC and to all the sailors looking forward to the upcoming Women's Keelboat Championship. 

From the CYA website:
Due to extremely low water levels in the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway this year, the 2010 CYA Women's National Keelboat Championships has officially been postponed to the Spring / early Summer of 2011. The hosting organization at the Hudson Yacht Club is disappointed to have had to make this critical decision.  We remain fortunate to have gold level sponsors MacDougall, MacDougall and MacTeir Inc. stay onboard for the now 2011 event. Be sure to stay tuned to to see news of the new date for the event.
The CYA Women’s Keelboat National Championship is held annually by the CYA and hosted by a member club. This event provides an excellent regatta whereupon Canada’s Canadian Sailing Team members, provincial athletes, club members, and general sailing enthusiasts can come together and partake in a national event. The Hudson Yacht Club will run the event in J/24's with a maximum crew of 6 per boat. The CYA Trophy for Canadian Women’s Sailing Championship is presented at this event.