Thursday, December 28, 2017

Winter Shiver and Cover

Winter is in full force. As I write it is -26 degrees centigrade outside! Still, it will pass as always, and in about 4 months it should be boat prep time for spring sailing.

I remain very pleased with the fitted cover from North Sails. Designed to be a perfect fit for my Shark 24, it is so easy to put on. I did it tugging around the boat without a second person assisting, and had it snugged down in very little time. It is vastly more simple and convenient than struggling with a tarp and numerous pieces of rope. With a plastic tarp, there is always the possibility of wear and tear, flapping and blowing off. This is particularly so, as it ages and weakens. This fitted cover is as good and as strong as the day I bought it years ago.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Coralie Vittecoq competed at the U21 World Championship

Coralie Vittecoq wrote a good post on her Facebook page about her experience at the u21 worlds that just ended yesterday in Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Late start to the racing season

After the long wait for the beginning of the season, we are finally sailing again on Lake St-Louis. There are now 4 former Olympians with Sharks. Hopefully we will be able to report on all of them here later. For now, the one to watch is the pale sky blue shark, he's in the middle of the sandwich on the left.

George and crew won the race. They went fast choosing a good track on the both upwinds.