Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mobility Cup 2008, August 25 – 29

Canada’s international regatta for sailors with disabilities will be hosted this year by AQVA (l’Association québécoise de voile adaptée) and Pointe Claire Yacht Club.

Similar to AQVA/PCYC’s annual Martin 16 regatta the Coupe du Quebec, Mobility Cup features a two-fleet format, with sailors divided into either Silver or Gold according to ability. Registration is strong so far, and 20-25 boats are expected on the start line for each fleet, for a possible total of 50 competitors from across North America, Europe and even New Zealand. Every year sailors and volunteers from disabled sailing associations across Canada get together for this event which is held in a different city each summer. According to regatta chair Paula Stone “ The camaraderie and spirit of Mobility Cup are unparalleled at any other regatta.”

AQVA will be well represented with 12 sailors including Marc Landry who is a strong contender in the Gold fleet. AQVA founder René Dallaire will be racing in his Martin 16 which he controls by sipping and puffing on two straws, as well as two sailors from British Columbia who will also be using this amazing technology which allows a person who is paralyzed in all four limbs to sail independently.

A final fundraising drive for Mobility Cup is still in full swing. Funds have been raised to cover AQVA’s share of the costs of the newly renovated, fully accessible PCYC washrooms as well as the main regatta costs. However, AQVA is hoping to raise additional funds in order to refresh its aging Martin 16 fleet, obtain a coach boat, as well as to assist the Quebec City branch of AQVA in revitalizing their adapted sailing program. Donations can be made on-line at or by mailing a cheque payable to AQVA to 35-2025 Quesnel, Montreal, QC H3J 2K9. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $20.

Editor’s note – A big thanks to Paula Stone who sent the above report on this big event. She, all the volunteers, and the AQVA have an impressive organization. I have sailed the Martin 16, both helming and riding shotgun for other sailors. These are graceful, stiff boats, real beauties that can also handle tough conditions. Lin has assisted with the hoists for launching sailors. The Mobility Cup is one of the largest, most important events on the Montreal Sailing Calendar. The AQVA and PCYC deserve real kudos for making it all happen! - Ralph, Montreal Sailing

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Live Bold Olympic Sailing Coverage on Television!

Wow, as I write this post, I'm watching the first race of the Finn class which I recorded off the live broadcast from 1 am. The boats are heading for the finish. On the last run there were big changes in the order of competitors. Canadian Chris Cook finished just ahead of British superstar Ben Ainslie. Beautiful shots of the boats. Catch it on CBC's new "Bold" network. Definitely worth it! I'm heading out of town in less than an hour and will miss a lot of it. Hopefully my hard drive will have enough space to record a lot of it. See my previous post for the schedule on Bold TV.

Ralph - Montreal Sailing

Thursday, August 07, 2008

VO2 Max Takes Top Montrealer at Ongoing Shark World's

The 2008 Shark World Championship is a changing slate as the racing progresses. Formerly Jin's Blue Shark held the position as top Montreal sailors. Now, they have been dethroned by another team from BYC, VO2 Max. The "V" is Nick Van Haeften and the "O2" are Osbornes, Don and Matt.

VO2 Max was having a tough time compared to their usual place near the top. This time they have been mostly mid-fleet. However, they have had great results in the last 2 races placing 5th and 7th out of the fleet of 46. Looks like they have found their groove.

  • 15th, VO2 Max, Don Osborne, Nick Van Haeften, Matt Osborne, BYC
  • 25th, Blue Shark, Jin Frati, Nicole Hainault, Paolo Teatini, BYC
  • 34th, Sudden Impulse, Paul Baehr, William Shishakly, David Bowen, BYC

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paul Baehr's Sudden Impulse Gets a Good Performance at Shark World's

The 2008 Shark World Championship continues in Hamilton, and now the results of three races have been posted. The BYC team on Blue Shark scored a third in the first race, which has kept its overall position in the top third of the fleet. That also makes them the top Montreal sailors at one of the most competitive keelboat regattas in Canada.

The Montreal team on VO2 Max that placed 4th overall in a previous Shark World Championship has had a tougher time this year. They sailed each race to roughly mid-fleet positions.

Most brilliant is the good show by Sudden Impulse in the third race, getting their best place, 10th in the fleet of 46.

Pic (by Porter) of Paul's Sudden Impulse racing at Gold Cup last year.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Jin On Fire at Open of Shark World's

Wow! Jin Frati's Blue Shark from BYC has taken 3rd place in the first round of the 2008 Shark World Championship. Racing is taking place right now at Hamilton's RHYC, but so far, only the results of the first race have been reported. Three teams of Montreal Sailors are competing in the fleet of 46 boats at the regatta which runs from August 2nd through the 8th. Here are the positions of the Montreal sailors:

  • 3 - Blue Shark: Jin Frati, Nicole Hainault, Paolo Teatini, BYC
  • 28 - VO2 Max: Don Osborne, Nick Van Haeften, Matt Osborne, BYC
  • 36 - Sudden Impulse: Paul Baehr, William Shishakly, David Bowen, BYC
Click title for full results so far.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sail East Results

Here are the top finishers from the Sail East Regatta hosted by CVL, just completed today. For full results click here.

420 Class

1 Jack Neilson & Will Franklin Thorpe, BYC
2 Matthew Osborne & Timomthy Dennett, BYC
3 Chadd Sessenwein & Rebecca Moskob, BYC, PCYC

Byte Class
1 Marie-Pier Alary, EVO
2 Corine Boivin, CVS
3 François Vachon, CVS

Laser Class
1 Maxime Gagnon, PNCR
2 Jean-Luc Robitaille, Ontarezi
3 Jonathan Boisvert, CNDM

Laser 4.7 Class
1 Gabrielle Laforce, CVL

Laser Radial Class
1 Chanel Cloutier Beaudoin, CVM
2 Dominique Racine, RStLYC
3 Caroline Morgan, RStLYC

Optimist Class
1 Tristan King, EVO
2 Frederique Tougas, CVL
3 Evan Berard, PCYC

Windsurfing Class
1 Audrey Caron, MultiVoile 4 saisons

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Award Series Race #3 Turns To Drifter

Roy Carter in command of his Alberg 37 at the start line. As with all MS photos, click to enlarge - Ralph, Montreal Sailing

Last Thursday's race started out okay with a very light wind, but ended with boats finishing mostly thanks to the aid of the current on the last leg. It was questionable how much even the Etchells were moving in the wisps of air versus the current, but Luc Gloutney crossed first. A pack of Etchells had an interesting cluster of boats on the last leg, where right of way proved a factor.

Chris Paynter who led the PHRF 3 race to the windward mark in his Tanzer 22, then got the last lovely puff of wind, and rode that to a victory. It was a night for the Tanzer 22s and even Ariel the Mirage 24, which left the 2 Sharks behind. This evening can stand as yet another confirmation of the Tanzer 22's superiority in light, wispy wind. Still, to his credit, Don McDonough's Shark team stayed in there, managing to finish the race, before all evidence of wind left the lake. Shark #901 a little further back missed the last gasp of air, and drifted a little off to the left of the finish line for a DNF.

The J30, "Breakaway" fulfilled the challenge of its name with 1st in the White Sail class. For a really remarkable feat, Roy Carter piloted his heavy beauty, the Alberg 37 across the line for an impressive 2nd place, heck, wind or no wind! Laird Glass did very well, taking 3rd in his Tanzer 22.