Thursday, August 07, 2008

VO2 Max Takes Top Montrealer at Ongoing Shark World's

The 2008 Shark World Championship is a changing slate as the racing progresses. Formerly Jin's Blue Shark held the position as top Montreal sailors. Now, they have been dethroned by another team from BYC, VO2 Max. The "V" is Nick Van Haeften and the "O2" are Osbornes, Don and Matt.

VO2 Max was having a tough time compared to their usual place near the top. This time they have been mostly mid-fleet. However, they have had great results in the last 2 races placing 5th and 7th out of the fleet of 46. Looks like they have found their groove.

  • 15th, VO2 Max, Don Osborne, Nick Van Haeften, Matt Osborne, BYC
  • 25th, Blue Shark, Jin Frati, Nicole Hainault, Paolo Teatini, BYC
  • 34th, Sudden Impulse, Paul Baehr, William Shishakly, David Bowen, BYC