Saturday, August 02, 2008

Award Series Race #3 Turns To Drifter

Roy Carter in command of his Alberg 37 at the start line. As with all MS photos, click to enlarge - Ralph, Montreal Sailing

Last Thursday's race started out okay with a very light wind, but ended with boats finishing mostly thanks to the aid of the current on the last leg. It was questionable how much even the Etchells were moving in the wisps of air versus the current, but Luc Gloutney crossed first. A pack of Etchells had an interesting cluster of boats on the last leg, where right of way proved a factor.

Chris Paynter who led the PHRF 3 race to the windward mark in his Tanzer 22, then got the last lovely puff of wind, and rode that to a victory. It was a night for the Tanzer 22s and even Ariel the Mirage 24, which left the 2 Sharks behind. This evening can stand as yet another confirmation of the Tanzer 22's superiority in light, wispy wind. Still, to his credit, Don McDonough's Shark team stayed in there, managing to finish the race, before all evidence of wind left the lake. Shark #901 a little further back missed the last gasp of air, and drifted a little off to the left of the finish line for a DNF.

The J30, "Breakaway" fulfilled the challenge of its name with 1st in the White Sail class. For a really remarkable feat, Roy Carter piloted his heavy beauty, the Alberg 37 across the line for an impressive 2nd place, heck, wind or no wind! Laird Glass did very well, taking 3rd in his Tanzer 22.