Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paul Baehr's Sudden Impulse Gets a Good Performance at Shark World's

The 2008 Shark World Championship continues in Hamilton, and now the results of three races have been posted. The BYC team on Blue Shark scored a third in the first race, which has kept its overall position in the top third of the fleet. That also makes them the top Montreal sailors at one of the most competitive keelboat regattas in Canada.

The Montreal team on VO2 Max that placed 4th overall in a previous Shark World Championship has had a tougher time this year. They sailed each race to roughly mid-fleet positions.

Most brilliant is the good show by Sudden Impulse in the third race, getting their best place, 10th in the fleet of 46.

Pic (by Porter) of Paul's Sudden Impulse racing at Gold Cup last year.