Sunday, December 25, 2005

North Sails and the Tanzer Class cut Great Deal

Well, the members of the Tanzer Class Association have got themselves great sails at a great price. Enough members of the Association participated in a group purchase that North offered a 25% discount!

Not only do members in Montreal, and all over North America have crispy whites, but the Tanzer Association and North will collaborate to continue providing a good service, and perhaps fine tune the sail designs to make them even better.

There will definitely be more happy sailors this Christmas, and North has probably turned a good profit on the volume too. A good relationship all-around.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tanzer Sailors Purchasing Sails

Tanzer Sailors,

Late last night, the Executive Committee of the Tanzer Class Association decided to endorse North Sails as the choice for a collective sail purchase. They have got terrific sails for you. They are ideal for both racing and cruising, fast, durable and at very good discounted prices. I am very pleased. There are still a lot of details being worked out, but info will frequently be posted to the Tanzer email list. A lot of work went into ensuring the quality of the product selected, so hopefully everyone will be pleased.