Friday, August 31, 2007

Good thing it was light wind!

Some of us have spent a fair bit of time chatting about the right of way rules at the mark recently. The excitement at the leeward mark during the exact occasion pictured here was the event that got us all going. What's your take on it? It was a Good Neighbours race on Lac St. Louis perhaps a couple weeks ago. It did result in some "kissing" of boats! Laurence sent the picture along, which Jake snapped from the Race Committee boat.

So, what rules apply?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hudson Labur Day Weekend is Coming!

Photo courtesy of Pierre Marois - thx!
Yes, it is the highlight occasion of the season for many sailors. The picture is of the Long Distance race on Saturday with over 100 boats all starting at the same time. Sunday and Monday two classes are racing one design: the Tanzer 22 and J24 classes. There will also be separate starts for PHRF and White Sail. Many cruisers love doing the distance race, for it is a lovely sight with so many fellow enthusiasts. I'll be getting my game face on for the OD racing too -grrrr! By the way, I erred earlier, the Tanzer 22 Class is conducting their North American Championship, not Canadian. Boats are coming from Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia at last count! Members of the Tanzer Association will race for the Quebec Championship in the distance race. Tanzers of all sizes will be eligible, so long as a member is in charge. Membership forms will be available at HYC registration, or from me at the club. Keelboats of all sizes and types come out for Saturday's race, so join the fun with whatever you sail, and come party after! Be sure to say hello in the harbour raft-up post-racing.

The Sailing Instructions are online. Click the Hudson Yacht Club link on the left side of the page.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Shark Coupe du Quebec Final Results

Click on the title for full results.

John Akers continued to dominate the event on Sunday with enough of a lead that there was no need for his team on Tiger Niles to sail the final race. Sid Dakin's Duck Soup had an excellent regatta with 2nd overall. Once they dropped a DNS earlier, they popped up onto the podium. They picked up 2 bullets Sunday. George Stedman's Ketchup actually tied with Duck Soup on points and took the 3rd podium spot, and also the trophy for highest placed Quebec boat. In 4th overall was Tof Nicoll-Griffith's Crisis, and 5th was Don McDonough's Kaos. Don's boat is #28, but it looks new, a real beauty! It's a tough fleet and I imagine Don was likely happy with the good performance. After Saturday's racing in winds of 20 knots and more, I think a few were happy for the pleasant winds that graced Lac St. Louis Sunday. The free beer ran out though not likely because BYC didn't have plenty!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dominique Racine, at top of his game

Promising young sailor, Dominique Racine, 15, has his sites set on being among the top 10 in Canada. Dorval resident and member of the Optimist Racing Team at the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club is looking like he just might get what he is wishing for.

“I aim to finish in the top 10 in all regattas this summer, including the Opti Canadian championships – that’s my only goal” says Dominique as he prepares for the upcoming Canadian Championship to be held on Lake St Louis, August 18 to 21st.

Dominique has consistently met his objective so far this summer. “Awesome results” says Opti coach Jessica Lombard, 21 of Beaconsfield, as she rattles off Dominique’s top place finishes in the past four major sailing regattas.

Heading into a prestigious event like the Canadian Championship with a first place finish last week in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts certainly bodes well for young Dominique. Jessica and four members of the Opti racing team from the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club recently returned from this highly competitive US regatta with impressive finishes all around.

Editor's note: Dominique Racine is on track with his goal, having finished 7th overall at the Canadian Championship held at the RStLYC. Click on the title for full article from Le Messager Lachine

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shark Coupe du Quebec - Day 1 belongs to Peter Aker

Apparently launching the Sharks was not without mishap however David and Michael refused to comment.
12 boats are competing this week end for the Shark class' Coupe de Quebec. 8 are local and 4 from out of town. The first race in extremely light wind was canceled after clocking 180 degrees. Then the breeze kicked in with a thump and races were run in about 20 knots. The wind caused a few mishaps that hurt but nothing too injurious. One man overboard, one swinging boom in the head, and one boat whacking another's stern when the mainsheet didn't release making it hard to steer down. Turns were done and it didn't result in a protest. One superbly raced boat had a spin pole ever so slightly too long, not long enough to make a difference in performance but non-compliant nevertheless. Thus it was withdrawn from the results by the talented and honourable skipper. Free beer flowed post-racing for some very thirsty crews. The regatta is being held by BYC. Here are the top five:

    1. Tiger Niles, 1489, Peter Aker, Bay of Quinte YC, 1,1,1=3
    2. Ketchup, 422, George Stedman, PCYC, 3,3,2=8
    3. Crisis, 1465, Tof Nicoll=Griffith, PCYC, 4,2,3=9
    4. Shagreen, 36, Robert Lander, BQYC, 5,5,6=16
    5. Kaos, 28, Don McDonough, PCYC, 8,6,4=18

Monday, August 20, 2007

Recent article in Montreal Gazette now online

Below is an excerpt from an article that was published earlier this summer. click the title to go to the full text.

"Montreal-area yacht clubs, including at least one that was sinking toward bankruptcy less than a decade ago, are riding a new wave of popularity -- so much so that some of them are turning away business.

There are waiting lists at clubs in Laval and Hudson, while an Old Port club, in its first full season, is already almost three-quarters full.

Yachting, often perceived by the uninitiated as the sport of the very rich, appears to be enjoying a revival led by people of more modest incomes."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tanzer 22 Canadian Championship 2007

It's the best Tanzer 22 racing of the season! Race with other boats in the huge and fun HYC PHRF long distance race on Saturday, September 1st, and then race in the action-packed Canadian Championship on Sunday, September 2nd, and Monday, September 3rd. Competitors from at least three provinces are expected! For further info contact Ralph Stocek at 514-630-1909, or ralphstocek AT