Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shark Coupe du Quebec - Day 1 belongs to Peter Aker

Apparently launching the Sharks was not without mishap however David and Michael refused to comment.
12 boats are competing this week end for the Shark class' Coupe de Quebec. 8 are local and 4 from out of town. The first race in extremely light wind was canceled after clocking 180 degrees. Then the breeze kicked in with a thump and races were run in about 20 knots. The wind caused a few mishaps that hurt but nothing too injurious. One man overboard, one swinging boom in the head, and one boat whacking another's stern when the mainsheet didn't release making it hard to steer down. Turns were done and it didn't result in a protest. One superbly raced boat had a spin pole ever so slightly too long, not long enough to make a difference in performance but non-compliant nevertheless. Thus it was withdrawn from the results by the talented and honourable skipper. Free beer flowed post-racing for some very thirsty crews. The regatta is being held by BYC. Here are the top five:

    1. Tiger Niles, 1489, Peter Aker, Bay of Quinte YC, 1,1,1=3
    2. Ketchup, 422, George Stedman, PCYC, 3,3,2=8
    3. Crisis, 1465, Tof Nicoll=Griffith, PCYC, 4,2,3=9
    4. Shagreen, 36, Robert Lander, BQYC, 5,5,6=16
    5. Kaos, 28, Don McDonough, PCYC, 8,6,4=18