Monday, August 27, 2007

Shark Coupe du Quebec Final Results

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John Akers continued to dominate the event on Sunday with enough of a lead that there was no need for his team on Tiger Niles to sail the final race. Sid Dakin's Duck Soup had an excellent regatta with 2nd overall. Once they dropped a DNS earlier, they popped up onto the podium. They picked up 2 bullets Sunday. George Stedman's Ketchup actually tied with Duck Soup on points and took the 3rd podium spot, and also the trophy for highest placed Quebec boat. In 4th overall was Tof Nicoll-Griffith's Crisis, and 5th was Don McDonough's Kaos. Don's boat is #28, but it looks new, a real beauty! It's a tough fleet and I imagine Don was likely happy with the good performance. After Saturday's racing in winds of 20 knots and more, I think a few were happy for the pleasant winds that graced Lac St. Louis Sunday. The free beer ran out though not likely because BYC didn't have plenty!