Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shark Class Coupe du Quebec 2014 got Wild

Last week end saw Montreal's largest one design class holding its racing climax of the season. The Shark Coupe du Quebec attracted 25 teams from Ontario, Quebec and Vermont for a week end of high calibre racing.

  1. Tiger Niles, Peter Aker, David O'Sullivan, Erik Sorensen
  2. Nuisance, Pierre Carpentier, Toby Bryant, Stephanie Boucher
  3. Ketchup, George Stedman, Robert Levy, Peter Kelly 

Saturday, plenty of wind was to be had keeping everybody on the edge. Holding the boat down with the larger #1 was manageable during the first two races. Then, the wind blew stink for the 3rd race. We would have been laughing at the wind honk if we had the smaller #3 headsail. Unfortunately, with the RC banging off the 3rd race quickly at the end of the day, we had to live with the 180% #1 genoa (pic, right). Hoowee! What a ride! Apparently, many other competitors struggled too. Chimere (BYC) broached right after rounding the windward mark and launching the chute. We were approaching the windward mark into their path. We both did a dance, and avoided contact. Chimere's spinnaker did not fare well, as the pic below shows!

Sunday, to give contrast, the wind blew light and fickle. In one race, some boats got across the start line immediately at one end while others were stuck for many minutes unable to cross.

Props to Tiger Niles from Bay of Quinte Yacht Club who simply dominated the regatta. Montreal competitors did very well and definitely kept the Tiger on it's toes. Nuisance (PCYC) coming in 2nd overall was the top Quebec boat winning the coveted Quebec Championship. 3rd overall was Ketchup (PCYC) who are perennial top guns at this regatta. It was great to see Blue Moon (BYC) charge into 4th as they have not been able to sail much this season. One of Montreal's finest, Tof crewed on his boat for Dave Raymond and they took 5th. In all 13 Montreal Sharks competed from BYC, CVDM, and PCYC, a great turnout. More Montreal boats are racing a lot of the local stuff, and we have quite a number of new boats just arrived at BYC, CVDM, and PCYC, and prepping for the racing scene. So, I expect the next season to be pretty action-packed. This is a growing fleet with racers at all levels having fun.

Some extraordinary photography of the action on Saturday is available from Luka Bartalovic,and you can view it on his Facebook site.

Kudos to Mike Anderson, Regatta Chair, Tof Nicoll-Griffith for organizing, PRO Chris Paynter, his R.C., and all the great help and labour from host club, Beaconsfield YC.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sailing in Montreal #8 Secret Cove Yacht Club (CFSA)

In response to incompetent challenges to the America's cup in 1881, the deed of gift of the most prestigious trophy in sailing was amended to require the challenger to come from a yacht club on the sea.  When a group of Canadians decided to challenge for the America's cup in the early 80's, they formed the Secret Cove Yacht Club.

This is the 8th post in the Sailing in Montreal series.

While not quite secret, Pointe-Picard, or CFSA for Canadian Forces Sailing Association is hidden away as much as it's possible to hide a Yacht Club on the island of Montreal.

No Trespassing, By Order MND (for Minister of National Defense)

This club is reserved by priority to the members of the Canadian Armed Forces although employees of the Canadian Mounted Police are also accepted.

This club is also about sharing boats more than parking your own.  They have more than enough boats for the members to enjoy. The water around the club is shallow and the current is strong. Keels touch their way around the rocks in the area, having an Albacore (the boat in the picture above) that has a rotating centerboard makes sailing more enjoyable in the area.

They also have a oar and sail whaler boat for bringing crowds on the water. It a low performance interpretation of Yves's boat I was on earlier this season.  I walked into the club last year with my 7 year old son and was offered a ride on this boat.  The wind was light but we were still able to beat the current.

Their club house offers one of the best views of the lake.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Woo hoo! Party time at HYC's Labour Day Regatta

HYC's Labour Day Regatta distance race was a super time with breezy conditions that swirled and oscillated constantly. Very challenging. Spinnaker hoists never worked out regardless of direction!

HYC's regatta is so popular for the huge number of sailors celebrating the last week end of summer, and the party is perfect for all the friends who gather for the best of times. HYC throws a great party with a great band.

Team Ambitious had its best distance race ever placing third in the Shark Class and 15th overall. The total numbers racing are not the 100+ it always was, but it is still by far the largest start in the Montreal area.