Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sailing in Montreal #8 Secret Cove Yacht Club (CFSA)

In response to incompetent challenges to the America's cup in 1881, the deed of gift of the most prestigious trophy in sailing was amended to require the challenger to come from a yacht club on the sea.  When a group of Canadians decided to challenge for the America's cup in the early 80's, they formed the Secret Cove Yacht Club.

This is the 8th post in the Sailing in Montreal series.

While not quite secret, Pointe-Picard, or CFSA for Canadian Forces Sailing Association is hidden away as much as it's possible to hide a Yacht Club on the island of Montreal.

No Trespassing, By Order MND (for Minister of National Defense)

This club is reserved by priority to the members of the Canadian Armed Forces although employees of the Canadian Mounted Police are also accepted.

This club is also about sharing boats more than parking your own.  They have more than enough boats for the members to enjoy. The water around the club is shallow and the current is strong. Keels touch their way around the rocks in the area, having an Albacore (the boat in the picture above) that has a rotating centerboard makes sailing more enjoyable in the area.

They also have a oar and sail whaler boat for bringing crowds on the water. It a low performance interpretation of Yves's boat I was on earlier this season.  I walked into the club last year with my 7 year old son and was offered a ride on this boat.  The wind was light but we were still able to beat the current.

Their club house offers one of the best views of the lake.