Sunday, August 19, 2012

Taylor Perkins Takes Bronze at CORK

Congratulations to Taylor Perkins of PCYC. Perkins went to Kingston for the CORK North American Youth Laser Standard Championship this week where he won the bronze medal. It was a tough fight between the three top finishers throughout the week with positions going back and forth. In the end silver and bronze were decided by a drop.

Taylor has been sailing out of Kingston Yacht Club lately to be able to sail against some of the top development sailors. KYC has a High Performance Race Team Also at KYC, Taylor benefits from the support of his coach Nick Kim who hails from Hudson. While the benefits of Kingston winds make for a great summer, Taylor did make it back to local waters for this year's Fruitbowl, where he also took 3rd.

Taylor's website

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Beaconsfield's Tyler Bjorn sails in father's and brother's Olympic wake

 Photo by Clive Mason, from Zimbio

The West Island section of the Gazette published an article on Tyler Bjorn:

When 42-year-old Tyler Bjorn, of Beaconsfield, competes in sailing this week at the Olympic Games in London, he is following in the wake of two West Island men he knows well. Bjorn’s father, Peter Bjorn, competed for Canada in Star class sailing at the 1972 Olympics in Munich and Bjorn’s older brother, Kai Bjorn, competed at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, finishing fifth overall in the same event. This time around, Tyler Bjorn will be in Canada’s Star class boat along with Richard Clarke of British Columbia, a lifelong friend and fellow member of Canada’s national sailing team. Bjorn, a former coach of Quebec’s provincial sailing team, said he was optimistic about his team’s prospects after two years of intense training. It’s all a happy turnaround, said Bjorn.