Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rahn family at the top in Pas De Deux

Peter Rahn and his family, from BYC, had a superb day to end their racing season for 2007. They were first across the finish line in this fun pursuit race, beating out some impressive sailors and boats. It was a good wind for Sharks but also a good wind for many of the boats out racing that day. Accompanying that good wind was a fair bit of rain, but that didn't dampen the competitors' spirits who turned out in high numbers for the season's last hurrah. I asked Peter how he whooped so many boats, finishing with a good length of a lead. They left dock early, surveyed the course, and sailed upriver to Baie D'Urfe to check out the location and depth of water around the distant mark. The Pas de Deux is a distance race up, down, and all over Lac St. Louis, with marks well beyond vision. It is also a "Pursuit" handicap race with the slowest boats starting first, and successively faster boats getting successively later start times. Since the Shark is scratch boat leading the fleet out, you better know where the heck you are going! What Peter was too modest to mention is that you cannot make the slightest mistake, and must sail flawlessly if you are too hold off the others sailing Sharks, Tanzers, Etchells, and an array of big, fast boats.

On Ambitious, our Tanzer 22, we had some unintended excitement, overpowered with the #1 genny. On one occasion, we attempted to tighten its halyard, but dropped it instead, which bagged the sail and brought the boat into a circle. Then we did another unintended "penalty turn" when I hopped up on the coaming, doing the dinghy thing with my bum partly over the water, and lost my balance and the mainsheet during a gust. Whoops, around we went. Ah well, it's all good, and 6th place is respectable!

The fun part of this great close to the season is that the clubs compete by giving points to sailors for both their finish and how many from each club are on the water. This gives each club a combined score, and the highest goes to PCYC. The host club, PCYC, served up plenty of hot food and cold beer post race, making for a great way to end the season. A good turn out of about 21 boats confirms that.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fireballer weighs in on Montreal Sailing Top Dawgs

Malcolm Van Haeften is one of the great sailors and best known in Montreal. So, I stand up and take notice when he weighs in with some suggested contenders. The sailors he considers Top Dawgs are a diverse lot, sailing in the Fireball dinghy, the Shark keelboat, and I believe the Tornado catamaran. Malcolm is also at least the second person to suggest we have a challenge in single-handed dinghies! There are enough school boats around that this is highly feasible if the contenders find it suitable! It might be a little tough on some of the keelboat sailors. As for selection criteria, well we haven't developed one yet, but perhaps that should be one of the next discussion points. Currently, I'd say the criteria has yet to get tougher than receiving a nomination, though that is a pretty solid one so far. Any thoughts?

Hi Ralph,
I enjoyed the blog - here are the some of the names that come to mind.
  • George Stedman,
  • Tof Nicoll-Griffith,
  • Olivier Blanc,
  • Robert Levy.
I would be interested in learning what criteria would be used in the selection of invitees to The Top Dawg Regatta; the implication is that the Top Dawg would be a helm ( the Crews Union comments notwithstanding ) presumably the event should therefore be single-handed and one-design, to rule out the influence of the crew and " bought speed ".
Malcolm V.H.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Montreal Sailing Championship Contender Revealed

Wow, I thought I would be posting photo after photo before anyone guessed the identity of the last nominee. We have had suggestions for sailors who could compete for the title of Montreal Sailing Champion that are well known names to many of us. However, I thought this person would be more difficult for Montreal sailors to guess. Yet, very quickly, Crew's Union correctly identified Peter Hall. Then, the very next day, Alain Vranderick also ID'd the mystery name. Alain also throws some more pretty sharp contenders into the mix to keep things hopping. I'll post more info soon, but here is Alain's note:

Hi Ralph,

Solings….Gotta be Peter Hall. He is indeed an impressive sailor. Sailed against him a few years back when he stepped into the local Star sailing crowd and was immediately competitive.

On LSL, apart from Peter, I would give the nod to Pierre Jasmin. I’ve sailed with Pierre a few times, and I have to admit he’s pretty sharp. On top of that, he’s a great guy, respectful of other sailors and respected by other sailors.

On LDM, I agree with Pierre in acknowledging Ron Harris as one of the top sailors. Having said that, I must say that Willy Hendershot has showed good form in all the classes he has sailed. From dinghies (Finn, MC, Laser) to all sorts of keelboat ( Holland 7.5, J24, Star) he’s proven that he has the skills to be competitive in any kind of fleet. But, my analysis might be a little biased…

To settle this, it would be interesting to have a SLVYRA champion of champions regatta at the end of the year. It could be organized through a Triple Racing format on a selected keelboat. We’ve done that at CNDM a few times on J24s and it was a real blast. How about it?

Yah, man! that is exactly what I have been thinking about! A championship would be very exciting, and really the natural culmination of the season. I think it will have to be slotted for the 2008 season, to enable proper organizing; which gives us lots of time to chat about the nominees, boats, volunteers, and format!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Guess this Montreal Sailing Contender

We have had super nominees to be, or to contend for the title of, Champion of Montreal Sailing. Who's the top dawg? Weeell... I have another consideration. I will suggest a sailor, who most of Montreal Sailors will not be familiar with. In fact, I don't know this person either! Of course, we are too numerous a bunch to all know each other personally. However, in drifting around the course that be the Sailing web, ever in search of news to entertain and inform you, I have come across this person's results, and they are impressive. I will post photos each day, and we shall see who shall be the first to correctly identify this sailor. Will it take long!?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jin Frati's team gets "Shark of the Year"

As noted recently on Montreal Sailing, there are two Shark teams that travel more than anyone I know to race throughout the summer. Those teams are headed by Paul Baehr, and by Jin Frati. Well, whaddya know, Jin's team sailing either his Blue Heron (now for sale), or his newer Shark have been designated Shark of the Year as a result! Pictured (pic by Anil Mungal) at left is his "new" Shark, taken at this year's Gold Cup in Toronto. Jin's best result was an impressive 7th overall in the highly competitive Shark Canadian Championship. Jin sailed with Nicole Hainault and Brad Brockman. Jin's boats are raced out of BYC. I'm sure Jin played no small role in bringing Sharks to BYC for the Coupe Du Quebec as well.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tanzer 26 World's report

Pierre Marois checks in with the scoop from THE Tanzer 26 regatta. Would love to do this one sometime! It would be cool to support a LSL owner with a good crew and sail this unique event.

Here's a short report about the "Mount Gay" Mondial Tanzer 26 held this past weekend at CVL.
Due to the low turnout (only 5 boats participated from CVL and CVMO), the racing was limited to Saturday only, but 5 races were run. As usual for this regatta, there were big winds (20 to 25 knots) and boats were racing with #2 genoas, or jib and full mainsail. The CVL race committee (Marc-André and Nicolas) was excellent in adjusting the courses to the shifting conditions as the wind went from the S-E for the first race to W for the last one!

The starts were hotly contested, and there was several individual recalls and one general recall. Racing was close between the top 3 boats and the winning margin was sometime less than half a boat length! In the final standings, CVL's "Autan" (Marois-Rousseau) took first with 3 wins and 2 second places. CVMO's "Voiles Atlantis" (Benoît Charette) is second with 2 wins, and CVL's "Mer-Veille" (Annie Martin) is third with 2 second places.

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of this regatta and CVL invites all T26 owners to join us in this celebration (and for some good racing too). We also would like to thank our sponsor "Mount Gay" rum for his continued support all those years.

Monday, October 01, 2007

John Linton gives a nod to Toby Bryant

John Linton, pictured here, has done very well racing his Tanzer 22 despite it splashing very late. It took very little time for him to find his groove. Having read the Crews' Union's post, John thought how about Toby! John sails out of BYC.

Thanks for the mention, but really, I still consider myself a novice. I'm learning every time I go out and there is always too much I don't know. One person not mentioned, but easily worthy of mention is Toby Bryant. He is on George Stedman's crew and has sailed Tanzers, Fireballs, Sharks, Stars, and who knows what else for a long time. Whenever or whatever he sails, you can be sure that he's a contender and often a winner.