Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jin Frati's team gets "Shark of the Year"

As noted recently on Montreal Sailing, there are two Shark teams that travel more than anyone I know to race throughout the summer. Those teams are headed by Paul Baehr, and by Jin Frati. Well, whaddya know, Jin's team sailing either his Blue Heron (now for sale), or his newer Shark have been designated Shark of the Year as a result! Pictured (pic by Anil Mungal) at left is his "new" Shark, taken at this year's Gold Cup in Toronto. Jin's best result was an impressive 7th overall in the highly competitive Shark Canadian Championship. Jin sailed with Nicole Hainault and Brad Brockman. Jin's boats are raced out of BYC. I'm sure Jin played no small role in bringing Sharks to BYC for the Coupe Du Quebec as well.