Friday, October 05, 2007

Montreal Sailing Championship Contender Revealed

Wow, I thought I would be posting photo after photo before anyone guessed the identity of the last nominee. We have had suggestions for sailors who could compete for the title of Montreal Sailing Champion that are well known names to many of us. However, I thought this person would be more difficult for Montreal sailors to guess. Yet, very quickly, Crew's Union correctly identified Peter Hall. Then, the very next day, Alain Vranderick also ID'd the mystery name. Alain also throws some more pretty sharp contenders into the mix to keep things hopping. I'll post more info soon, but here is Alain's note:

Hi Ralph,

Solings….Gotta be Peter Hall. He is indeed an impressive sailor. Sailed against him a few years back when he stepped into the local Star sailing crowd and was immediately competitive.

On LSL, apart from Peter, I would give the nod to Pierre Jasmin. I’ve sailed with Pierre a few times, and I have to admit he’s pretty sharp. On top of that, he’s a great guy, respectful of other sailors and respected by other sailors.

On LDM, I agree with Pierre in acknowledging Ron Harris as one of the top sailors. Having said that, I must say that Willy Hendershot has showed good form in all the classes he has sailed. From dinghies (Finn, MC, Laser) to all sorts of keelboat ( Holland 7.5, J24, Star) he’s proven that he has the skills to be competitive in any kind of fleet. But, my analysis might be a little biased…

To settle this, it would be interesting to have a SLVYRA champion of champions regatta at the end of the year. It could be organized through a Triple Racing format on a selected keelboat. We’ve done that at CNDM a few times on J24s and it was a real blast. How about it?

Yah, man! that is exactly what I have been thinking about! A championship would be very exciting, and really the natural culmination of the season. I think it will have to be slotted for the 2008 season, to enable proper organizing; which gives us lots of time to chat about the nominees, boats, volunteers, and format!