Friday, June 15, 2012

2012 Ambitious Regatta Tour has Begun

Our sailing team has begun it's road wars, with the Trillium Regatta in Ontario, the first stop. Heading out of Montreal on week ends is always an adventure, and it is fun to sail different waters.

For Trillium, hosted by the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, we launched "Ambitious" from near the downtown core, and then sailed over to Toronto Island. We are not veterans of these traveling events, and so we carefully and diligently go through the steps of getting in the water and rigging. One pleasure  of taking a bit longer to do this was hoisting the sails just as nightfall came, when the city lights switched on. I took the photo above with my phone. We actually sailed right beside and underneath the cityscape, and looked way up in wonderment as the towers loomed above us. It was surreal to silently move through the dark, empty harbour, while only perhaps 500 metres away, a giant city was moving into the hustle and excitement of Friday night. Such opposite social experience, yet happening simultaneously.

It was a magical way to start our adventures away from Montreal, magnified because we had actually just stepped into the boat on the water for the first time of 2012, and were embarking on our first sail, let alone a big regatta. In the daylight that followed, we sailed into the jostling start line with more than 40 competitive Sharks for again an opposite experience. That is another story, but suffice to say, our adventures of 2012 are well underway.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bjorn & Clarke Finish 7th Overall at Skandia 2012

Our favourite Star team sailing at Skandia had a tough medal race. Going into the finale, they were 4th overall, and just a point back from the podium. Winds built to a 20-23 knots, potentially mast-breaking on the Star. Having broken the tiller after a rough jibe, Clarke and Bjorn scored a DNF. They were already having a bad race, but not finishing the medal race dropped them to 7th overall. Hey, that is still a fantastic score, but obviously when chances are high for a podium finish, it must be painfully disappointing.

Richard Clarke wrote on his blog, "We were not having the best race anyway, we are bloody quick in a straight line but out boat handling in strong winds on the short course needs dramatic improvement.  We embarrassed ourselves at the turns and our gybes were not pretty either, the tiller probably broke because I was having to correct a bad maneuver.  Again we have found another hole to plug, this one just takes a few hours of boat handling every couple of days to iron out.  We are angry and motivated to get better."

Still, come on guys! Finishing in the single digits, ahead of some of the most extraordinary sailors in the world, after a medal race break down and DNF, is a spectacular accomplishment. An Olympic medal may be both an uphill target and realizable,  but Clarke and Bjorn are knocking on the door.

Legendary Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada had a superb medal race to take the whole regatta.

STAR Podium After Medal Race
1. BRA 8255- SCHEIDT Robert / PRADA Bruno (38pts)
2. SWE 8450- LOOF Fredrik / SALMINEN Max (44pts)
3. ITA 8266- NEGRI Diego / VOLTOLINI Enrico (72pts)

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Bjorn & Clarke in medal race today at Skandia

Tyler Bjorn and Richard Clarke are having a brilliant regatta at the last stop of the racing circuit before the Olympic racing begins. The 2012 Skandia Sail For Gold Regatta is about to begin its last duel as the medal race is today. Stars are launching as I write. So far, the Canadian team is in 4th overall, and only one point off the podium. Out of 6 races, they have placed 2nd three times. Their drop race was 10th.

Photo by onEdition . More photos, live racing with animation, and reports on Skandia Sail For Gold

Friday, June 01, 2012

Masters' Laser Training Camp June 2-3

The Laser fleet is holding a clinic at BYC this coming week end. Click the link below for further info from their blog .


Camp d'entrainement Masters D2 2012

Édition 6ième anniversaire!
Le camp d'entrainement Masters Laser D2 aura lieu au BYC (Beaconsfield Yacht Club) le 2-3 juin 2012:
  • Deux journées d'entrainement intensif avec Rob Koci
  • Amener votre lunch
  • Bière/Chips inclut pour le debrief du samedi
Le camp se déroulera en anglais.

6th Anniversary Edition!
The D2 Laser Master's Training camp is scheduled for June 2-3 at BYC (Beaconsfield Yacht Club):
  • 2 intense days of sailing with coach Rob Koci
  • Bring your own lunch
  • Beer/chips included for the Saturday debrief