Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sail East Results

Here are the top finishers from the Sail East Regatta hosted by CVL, just completed today. For full results click here.

420 Class

1 Jack Neilson & Will Franklin Thorpe, BYC
2 Matthew Osborne & Timomthy Dennett, BYC
3 Chadd Sessenwein & Rebecca Moskob, BYC, PCYC

Byte Class
1 Marie-Pier Alary, EVO
2 Corine Boivin, CVS
3 François Vachon, CVS

Laser Class
1 Maxime Gagnon, PNCR
2 Jean-Luc Robitaille, Ontarezi
3 Jonathan Boisvert, CNDM

Laser 4.7 Class
1 Gabrielle Laforce, CVL

Laser Radial Class
1 Chanel Cloutier Beaudoin, CVM
2 Dominique Racine, RStLYC
3 Caroline Morgan, RStLYC

Optimist Class
1 Tristan King, EVO
2 Frederique Tougas, CVL
3 Evan Berard, PCYC

Windsurfing Class
1 Audrey Caron, MultiVoile 4 saisons