Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sharks at CNDM One Design Regatta

Today is an important day for the Montreal Shark fleet. As many of you know, it has seen rapid growth in the last couple of years. This year, that growth has made the difference in a new way, a new regatta. CNDM, the latest club with a good number of the new Sharks has organized the CNDM One Design Regatta and Sharks will be there. This regatta used to be a significant stop in the SLVYRA circuit, but hasn't been on the radar for some time. Now, it will be a very important event for Sharks.

I will even say it will be this year's most important regatta for the Shark fleet. Sure the Canadian Championship at BYC was a fantastic event. We all loved it. Next year BYC will host the World Championship. The CNDM One Design Regatta is not our biggest (but it is excellent with 15 or 16 Sharks). However, we now have a second one design stop to race in Montreal. We don't have to travel to the metro-Toronto area to race this week end. That is a really, really, big development! We now also have formal one design racing on both of the lakes around Montreal, Lac St. Louis and Lac Des Deux Montagnes. So, this is an important event for Montreal Sharks.

Today's racing should be intense with lots of wind, and some very competitive spirits out there strutting their stuff!

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