Monday, August 09, 2010

HYC has to postpone 2010 CYA Women’s Keelboat Championships, grounded by low water levels

Below is an article posted on the CYA website this morning. Although we have all been concerned about low levels of water, I had no idea it was this bad up by Hudson. If HYC has had to cancel a national championship, one has to wonder if it is safe to race in the upcoming Hudson Annual Regatta. This is such a popular event that so many of us look forward to, but of course no one wants to jeopardize our boats. It makes me wonder about the Shark regatta at CNDM the weekend before as well. I have heard no other news so far. Despite difficulties in the harbour, BYC was able to hold the Shark Canadian Championships earlier this season. Many of the Etchells at PCYC have also not been sailing this year. Our sympathies go out to HYC and to all the sailors looking forward to the upcoming Women's Keelboat Championship. 

From the CYA website:
Due to extremely low water levels in the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway this year, the 2010 CYA Women's National Keelboat Championships has officially been postponed to the Spring / early Summer of 2011. The hosting organization at the Hudson Yacht Club is disappointed to have had to make this critical decision.  We remain fortunate to have gold level sponsors MacDougall, MacDougall and MacTeir Inc. stay onboard for the now 2011 event. Be sure to stay tuned to to see news of the new date for the event.
The CYA Women’s Keelboat National Championship is held annually by the CYA and hosted by a member club. This event provides an excellent regatta whereupon Canada’s Canadian Sailing Team members, provincial athletes, club members, and general sailing enthusiasts can come together and partake in a national event. The Hudson Yacht Club will run the event in J/24's with a maximum crew of 6 per boat. The CYA Trophy for Canadian Women’s Sailing Championship is presented at this event.