Friday, June 09, 2006

Lake of Two-Mountains « Wednesday nights series » 2006

Pierre Marois wrote this excellent report for Montreal Sailing on the inter-club racing happening on Lac Des Deux Montagnes - thanks Pierre!
Race 1 – June 7th

The Hudson Yacht Club is organising this year's 4 race series with the help of CVL for race 1 and 3, and of CNDM for race 2 and 4. The course for this first evening was set in front of HYC. Winds were from the N-E at 5 to 8 kn. and were very shifty due to the funnel effect in this part of the lake. More than 30 boats from HYC, CVL, CNDM and CVMO where in attendance. The first start (PHRF 3 and white sails) got away cleanly, and 20 boats where beating up the first leg when a big 30° velocity shift hit the fleet from the East; winds at 20 kn. with bursts at 25 to 30 created chaos for those with light #1 genoas!

The HYC race committee was quick to react. Ross Tellier and Pat Patterson delayed the PHRF 1&2 start and then abandoned the PHRF 3 and White sail race. With the help of CVL’s Pierre Charbonneau they moved all the marks and restarted their fleet (PHRF 1 and 2 starting first this time).

In the 1&2 fleet, the conditions where just right for the Etchells and Allan Gray’s Slim led at all the marks for an easy victory. Allan was just back from the Etchells Canadians at PCYC where he placed 6th and first of the Montreal fleet. Ron Harris was second with his J22 Jazz and Dave Cobbett was third with his J24 High Strung. It is good to see that there is a resurgence of J24 racing on LTM this year. 6 boats from HYC and 1 from CVL are battling it out each week!

In the 3&WS fleet, 12 Tanzer 22’s where racing against a C+C 25 and Mirage 24.

After a close race between the top 5 T22s, Pierre Marois’ Coquine came in first, followed by Bernard LeDuc’s Maverick, Patrice Delhaes’s Turbo, Ken Hodgson’s Sloup du Jour and Michel Ouellet’s Tohu Bohu.

All these competitors and more will meet next week in front of Oka for the second race of the series.