Saturday, June 24, 2006

Niagara 26 One Design Regatta!

One of the nicest boats you see around the Montreal area is the Niagara 26. Why do I like it? Well for one thing, it is fast for a boat of this size and type, fitting into the typically combined PHRF I & II starts. Secondly, it is a sufficiently roomy and nicely appointed boat for cruising. Now, it could even get better.

David Godin, owner of the N26, Wotan, sails out of CNDM. This club has the long-standing Quebec One Design Open which falls on the week end after the Labour Day week end regatta. David would like to invite Niagara 26 owners to attend this regatta for a N26 One Design championship. Cool, that would make the boat even better! Oh yeah, ONE DESIGN! I have seen Niagara 26's racing the Labour Day long distance PHRF race. Now, after that, one could just sail the short distance to CNDM, leave the boat tied up in their excellent harbour, and come back the following week end for the best racing possible. Interested parties should contact David Godin at