Wednesday, June 21, 2006

GNS - June 13th

Last Tuesday was another light wind night, with a mild pleasant temperature. In PHRF III, the Sharks took the top five places both in real and corrected time. Jin Frati had an excellent night, as first over the line in 58 minutes followed half a minute later by Tof Nicoll-Griffith, then Don McDonough. Richard and Erica Moore had a good evening too, placing fifth in their Mirage 24, Ariel. The Tanzer 22 fleet saw John Linton cross the line first followed by Shelley Dorfman, then Jake Fichten. It was a good showing of competitors with 2 Mirage 24's, 7 Sharks, and 5 Tanzer 22's.

A good turnout of 9 Etchells raced this evening. They had lighter winds that dropped to lighter again, with the first boat across being #1263 in 73 minutes.

I had a good time racing Manfred Ottinger's Tanzer 22, Contention in the white sail division tonight which had not been set up to sail till then. We had to steal a boom vang, and mistakenly tacked on a 1980's vintage genoa, but made it out for the fun with a tow from Jake Fichten. I imagine Manfred's boat could be very competitive when it's set up is complete. Thanks Manfred for your generosity! We had a decent start just below John Austen's Tanzer 22, which allowed us to squeeze him a little dirt, and move up almost 2 boat lengths. We were a pack of about 4 boats on that part of the line. Special Effect, the huge C&C 41 respectfully started a little later but of course had marvelous speed and had a good line to windward. John Austen's T22 was the first able to tack off Special Effect's stern, while the others hung on for another minute. That gave John Austen a path in clear air towards the shore where there was a stronger breeze (still light). From there they sailed a superb, mistake free race. We managed to tack over to the shore a little later, but there was no way to catch them. Special Effect sailed a fast race to cross the line first in 55 minutes followed by the Grampian 26, Sawiki which took third corrected, and the C&C 33, Mumm II. John Austen's Tanzer 22 is to be congratulated for breaking up the big boat party and taking a well deserved second overall. Contention took 5th overall, second small boat, and was very pleased with that. On the last windward leg, we were leading a parade along the shore, as there was not really a choice for others but to follow in the stronger breeze on that side. Helmut Langeder's Tanzer 22, Breezin' stayed right on our stern but couldn't get by. Helmut was in turn being harassed by the Macleod's Mirage 24, Chinook. Bad air forced Chinook to fall off, but they chose to stay on the same tack with the better breeze. That paid off for them as they did well on a low but fast course, managing to round the mark before Breezin'. Chinook took 6th, and Breezin' 7th. 13 boats sailed white sail including 6 T22's and each of the others being unique.

Wind speed at Dorval airport was consistently 9-11 kph, and direction was 250 degrees.