Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good Neighbours Series A - June 27th

Montreal Sailing's tip of the hat goes to Rob Levy for yestereve's racing. A dinghy and 26' keelboat had collided, with the dinghy losing it's mast and draping its sail over the keelboat's spin pole. This occurred fairly close to the leeward mark, and the area was busy with boats rounding. The race committee was anchored nearby, and the keelboat in question was pulling a dinghy sailor out of the water. All seemed under control, but Rob Levy, having just rounded called out to see if all was okay. Not hearing an answer Rob turned his Fireball around and called out again, sailing back to the affair. Despite the event Rob completed the race. 5 Fireballs competed, and the victors were Joe Jospe and Tom Egli. 2 420s and a 29er were out and about on the centreboard course.

George Stedman was first overall and first of three Sharks out. Jake Fichten brought his Tanzer 22 over for first of five T22s and 2nd overall. Peter Rahn sailed well for 3rd overall in his Shark. John Linton's Tanzer 22 had a difficult race with the chute, and placed seventh. This drops him to second overall in the series, 2 points behind Don McDonough's Shark. I have a feeling both of these boats will be on the start line for the next Tuesday's race!

David Wisenthal's C&C 41 walked away with first in the white sail division, followed by the Hunter 34, Anonyme. The first small boat across was Helmut Langeder's Tanzer 22, Breezin', followed by Laird Glass' T22, and Olivier Rocher's Mirage 24. It was good to see that Joseph Zolla made it over from the Lord Reading Yacht Club in his T22. Helmut has now got a fairly good hold on 1st overall in this series clipping David Wisenthal by being out there for all but one race, and always sailing well. Next small boat is John and Esther's M24, and they've also been out a lot and sailing well.

Tonight was a difficult sail choice in the white sail division. The wind was initially blowing in the upper range for a #1 genoa, and typically lightened up as the race progressed. However, the sky was dark with threatening clouds and the possibility of lightning or heavy air looked very imminent. This led many boats to opt for a #2 genoa, leaving them underpowered, particularly for the downwind legs. Perhaps everyone should fly whatever Helmut flies from now on!

Dick Stefan took the bullet in the Etchells field, followed by Jim Rowlandson less than half a minute later. Jim had 4 aboard rather than the usual 3. The evening's weather had many speculating on a potential squall racing over the course. I wonder if Jim was thinking of the wet and windy Etchells championship recently, or having fun with good people! David Lowther crossed next for 3rd out of 6 boats. Stephan Blais' J24 won over the Kirby 25, "Clipper" with both finishing less than a minute apart.

The race committee laid a short course which got most into harbour before a heavy downpour.