Monday, June 05, 2006

GNS Race Committee gets a headache

The race committee for the Good Neighbours race on May 30th had it's hands full. An unusual wind from the north, light, and and shifting gave them a difficult evening. The race committee moved the windward mark early on. Most of the boats racing did not finish the course, which was also shortened, as there was considerable confusion on what the course to sail wound up being. One boat ran aground on the race course which at the top was fairly close to shore thanks to the wind direction and shift. Not a single boat in PHRF I & II finished. Only two boats completed the course in PHRF III, Tof Nicholl-Griffith in his Shark, then John Linton in his Tanzer 22. It must have been less of a mix up for those sailing the course for white sail only. All eight boats competing finished. Laird Glass took the win with his T22, Oasis. Second was Helmut Langeder in his T22. Third was John and Esther Macleod in their Mirage 24. Special Effect the big C&C 41 had to settle for 7th on this evening. Earlier, the very long and very tall Special Effect sailed through the PHRF I fleet's start and caused a hulabaloo! Nothing whatsoever illegal with that, but the proper thing is to stay clear of other starts. We all get tough lessons at times don't we?

Wind at Dorval Airport measured at between 3 and 7 kph and coming from 110 to 190 degrees.