Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Neighbours Series A - June 20th

8 Etchells raced on this evening and all finished within 2 minutes of each other from front to back. 4 boats were less than half a minute apart. That's fun. The results are early but it is beginning to look like Pierre Jasmin' is the powerhouse Etchells team to beat in the Good Neighbours Series. Hot on his tail was Jim Rowlandson and the Etchells helmed by a relative newcomer to PCYC, Dick Stefan. After the Etchells crowd, Stephan Blais was next in his J24 with a Kirby 25 crossing only seconds later. Stephan is out there all the time, and it is just great to see another boat with a near identical handicap now on the race course to play with!

Three Fireballs and two Tornados also made it out on this night.

William Shishakly took the PHRF III, first overall, and first Shark. William says, this night was one where picking the right side made all the difference. Indeed, the first three boats, William, Don's Shark Kaos, and Jake Fichten's (first Tanzer 22) Sine Wave finished in that order, less than 30 seconds apart. The rest of the fleet, sailed a different course and finished 7 to nine minutes later. That grouping of finishers was led by Olivier Rocher in his Mirage 24. 10 boats raced PHRF III.

White Sail was won by a familiar boat, which I see in the results for the first time this year, David Baby's beautiful Ptarmigan, a C&C Corvette 31. One of my crew, marvels of this full keeled classic boat more than many other at BYC. Helmut Langeder took second after handicap in his Tanzer 22, Breezin'. Way to go Bruce Vineberg for picking up third in his T22. I think this is Bruce's second season in the boat. John Macleod's Mirage 24 was clipped by Han's Hunter 34. Apparently no one was injured.

Wind at Dorval Airport
  • 19:00 h: 17kph at 330 degrees
  • 20:00h: 7 kph at 340 degrees
  • 21:00 h: 4 kph at 290 degrees
What a killer if you're racing a smaller slower boat in the same start as others with our evening softening winds eh!?

Montreal Sailing congratulates Olivier Rocher and Bruce Vineberg on their game this evening.