Friday, June 19, 2009

The 2009 NOD this week end

I'm off to the Nepean Sailing Club in the region of Ottawa today. Tomorrow morning is the beginning of one of my favourite week ends of racing, the NOD. That's Nepean One Design Regatta. Oh, no sorry, that's not correct. It has now been renamed the RPFODR. The what? The RPFODR. What the heck is that?! Apparently, the well-known regatta formerly called NOD is now called the Richardson Partners Financial One Design Regatta. Really just rolls off the tongue doesn't it. It's very nice to have sponsorship to help with costs, especially if the registration fee goes down. I don't know if they are. Regardless though, the NOD has earned its well known name by the hard work of its volunteers over the years. I think it is a shame to dispose of that name brand recognition so well earned. Who the heck is ever going to remember the RFPODR, no that's the FPRODR...whatever. It's the NOD!

I'l be sailing on a friend's Tanzer 22 out of the hosting club. There are Sharks from Montreal on their way up. Maybe Fireballs too? I'll be keen to see how the Ultimate 20s go around the course. There's one at BYC, but I haven't seen it sail, so I'm curious. NSC is a great club, and the racing is always good. I'm looking forward to it, nd I'll see some of you there!.