Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nepean One Design 2009, First Day

Fun day of sailing today, and all the Montreal boats are doing well. Light winds with puffs here and there that are can launch a boat for a bit, but it all evens out in the end. It appears like choosing the correct side of the course, looking for more pressure is a large factor.

I'm enjoying a change of pace, doing foredeck on Tom Shenstone's Tanzer 22. It feels great to have more room on a boat again! Lots of space to do the job. The light winds also means that the masthead rig's huge #1 genoa and monster spinnaker never feel too large to control, and a lot of the time two crew could manage without the winches. Space, not being overpowered, focusing on strategy and tactics - delightful! We're doing well also, in 2nd overall with a bullet on the first day. NSC Beagle is leading the way, and nabbed another bullet out of our hands in the last 2o meters.

In the Shark class, Shark Poop and Crazy Ivan are tied in points at the top with 11 points and the top Montreal boat, Ketchup is in 3rd overall tied in points with Tiger Niles. Nuisance from Montreal is next in hot pursuit. Sudden Impulse is in 11th out of the fleet of 20.

Hooo, Joe and Tom are running away from the Fireball fleet taking bullets in every race.

There isn't much wind pressure forecast for tomorrow, but the pressure to move up, or lock in gains will keep things interesting.