Friday, June 05, 2009

GNS Series A, Race 2: Results

The results have been posted.

Etchells: 6 Racing
Dick Steffen's Uhu got tagged for an OCS. Pierre Jasmin and the team on Vivace fits into first place like a comfy old shoe!

PHRF 1 & 2: 4 Racing
Blue Gull, Premature Grey, J24s lead the race.

Shark: 8 Racing
See previous report!

Tanzer 22: 6 Racing
The Fichten's Sine Wave is Montreal's best. Hey, look at Shelley Dorfman's Goin' Strait in 2nd, formerly white sailin', now movin' to the tops of spin. flyin'! Congratulations guys! The Linton's Encore Une Fois 38 seconds after for 3rd.

Richard and Erica's Moore's Ariel the Mirage 24, continues to squeeze its way in right between the Sharks and T22s, 9th of 15 boats. Just behind Sine Wave, given the wind, a valid, solid 2nd place finish. They must be workin' it just right.

White Sails: 11 Racings
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