Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NOD Concludes after Windless 2nd Day

This pic is part of the collection shot by Luka Bartuovic which you can view here. I found a picture of myself doing foredeck on a T22 which I am going to buy. There are plenty of pics of all the classes and I found shots of all the Montreal sailors. Apparently there are many more beyond the online examples too. Luka must be a Montreal sailor too because he can deliver the shots to the club before Tuesday and Thursday race nights! The picture to right is of Nuisance, including Montreal Sailing contributor Stephen Waldie doing the foredeck dance with those grippy bare soles. Pierre Carpentier is on the stick and the headless one is big guy Toby Bryant.

Results remain as they were reported after Saturday's racing due to the wind being uncooperative on Sunday. Here are the final results.