Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Club Awards Series 'A' First Race a Nuisance Again!

Not as many boats out for the first Club Awards race of the season as the weather was not as pleasant. No dinghies out and just one Etchells, Tac-tic out on the course. Good on them for getting a sail anyway. Jammin' and Blue Gull were also out for a match race in PHRF 2.

PHRF 3 and the Whites both had good numbers.

Nuisance sent another signal that they mean serious business as first Shark and winning the race. Pierre was back on the boat for this race. The top sailors in the Shark fleet have another boat out there in Nuisance that looks set to take a podium spot away. In my mind, the question is which one! This might get to be a rough and tumble competition because there are really about 5 boats that should EXPECT to be on the podium! So which ones and in what order? This is difficult to make odds on. I am going to say that if Nuisance wants it bad enough, they are going to topple somebody. Placing 2nd, the Shark Sudden Impulse had a great day too. Kaos was the next Shark just 7 seconds behind. Blue Shark made it 5 Sharks this night.

Next was Ariel, the Mirage 24, the Tanzer 22s. First T22 of a threesome was the Linton's Encore Une Fois. It looks pretty much like the Lintons will grab a podium position within the Tanzer 22 class.

In white sail, Sawiki topped the fleet of 5 boats to take a commanding victory in real and corrected time. Moonraker took 2nd.