Friday, June 05, 2009

GNS Series A, Race 2: Results Continued

Whoops, I hit the "Publish" button in the previous post before completing editing and including
the dinghy results. Don't want to miff the centreboard crowd cuz they are the best.

Centerboards & M16's Division and Fireball: 7 racing in the chilly water
  • Whoah, a Martin 16 takes the bullet, an upset, congrats! No helm listed except for "AQVA".
  • 3 Lightnings racing, and the 2 young crews par excellence with Stephen Waldie and Jessica Lombard were both beaten by #14326. WHOIZZAT?!
  • Also 1 29er and 1 420 on the course.
  • Joe Jospe's Fireball crew out there for a toot. Lone Ball, but it makes a good opportunity to congratulate Joe and Tom Egli for their extraordinary feat at the UK National Championship in Weymouth. These two of Montreal's finest placed 18th overall in a fleet of 63 boats that remains one of the most challenging clases in the world. When Montreal Fireball racing gets underway, it is always amazing to watch them square off against the other hotshots of the class.
Full results