Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunset Over Dowker's Island

Sunset by Dowker's Island - pic by Jean Letourneau.

One of the easiest things a Montreal sailor can do is leave the dock, and watch a great sunset. Most often, for most of us, it is post-race. Try not rushing back to dock and the cold drinks and supper. Instead, once in a while, take a few frosties in a cooler, and stay out... for just a little while. Give the tiller to the keen, talented crew, take the chute down yourself, and sit on the deck facing your crew. Sail with a wide, easy slot, and CRUISE. Particularly after the intensity of a race, the feelings of peace and tranquility are strong as the boat easily moves along. All right, if it's the dead middle of summer, and the evening winds have subsided, pick your evening. Fireballers, and such smaller dinghies have little idea what they are missing! For indeed, this is the sense of freedom many of us work so hard for. Yet, sometimes we seem to experience little of its quality. Race for the exhilaration and the mastery, then...clear your head and get free!

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