Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cook still solid top ten after Sunday races in ongoing Finn World's

The Finn World Championship of 2008 continues to be exciting for Canadians to follow. In Sunday's races #6 and #7 Canadian Chris Cook takes 26th and 13th, out of 87 competitors. So the 26th becomes his drop score in the overall standings, allowing him to hold on to 5th overall in the standings. If Cook can sail well in Monday's fleet race, he will qualify for the medal race on Tuesday for the top ten competitors. Otherwise, he will sail with the other competitors in a separate final race Tuesday. Providing he doesn't really get buried, the points spread looks pretty good for him. Getting knocked back is certainly a risk with the tough winds and high calibre sailors. At this latter stage it will be a pretty intense fight. Some of the competitors are trying to qualify for the Olympics here as well.

Race #6 was in 12 knots of confused sea breeze. The race had a general recall, then got underway under a black flag. The start line was drawn close to shore and shallow water. Michael Maier capsized and broke his mast on an underwater reef.

Race #7 was started under an Oscar flag (man overboard) with 18-20 knots of wind.

Dan Slater (NZL), in first place overall, but tied on points with Ben Ainslie (GBR) noted "The other guys are coming into the loop too. It isn't just between Ben and I, many are in the game. With another race and then the medal with double points, we still have a long way to go!"