Tuesday, January 22, 2008

BFD Baby

My thanks to the Walraven and Paul Davis who both fired off quick emails to enlighten me on the meaning of "BFD". I have never seen one used in the gratifyingly civil parts of Montreal sailing. It apparently stands for "black flag disqualification". No doubt most readers of Montreal Sailing are perfectly aware of this. Unaware of the acronym, though vaguely aware of the rule (30.3), the only black flags I have been cognizant of up to now are
  1. Flag bearers of anarchist groups at May Day parades. Viva Zapata!
  2. The hard core punk rock group, Black Flag from California (who's groupies dance in a curious fashion quite similar to black flag sailors on a start line; see image)
  3. The New Zealand black fern flag flown in the America's cup. "Ka mate, ka mate!"
Apparently, the fellow in the plaid shirt is one of the more assertive members of the Crew's Union. Since that extremist faction of Montreal Sailors frighten me, and I am dependent on them for much of my sailing inspiration and bloodthirsty persistence, he shall remain anonymous.