Monday, January 28, 2008

Racing update from Melbourne

  • Chris Cook scored 7th in today's race of the Finn World Championship. That maintains his 5th overall position, and the right to sail within the top ten for the final medal race tomorrow. There is a spread of points too wide for the leading position, but his ongoing performance shows he's an obvious medal contender in Qingdao for the 2008 Olympics. Consistency is real tough in the wind conditions there and with that class of champs, but that seems to be where Cook can move his game.
  • Locas and Bone sailed to a 5th position in the 470 World's men's bronze fleet's race 10, their best performance. That moves them up to 6th overall in the fleet.
  • Provan and Luttmer sailed to a 2nd and 18th in the 470 World's Women Silver fleet. The 2nd place is their best performance and puts them in 14th overall in the fleet.

Looks like a good day for all!