Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nearing the homestretch in the BtoB

From the BtoB website: For the three Anglo-Saxons bringing up the rear off Spain (Derek Hatfield, Dee Caffari, Rich Wilson), conditions were still pleasant this Tuesday, in a moderate SE'ly breeze, but the weather will rapidly deteriorate on zone tonight: the arrival of a very active depression between the Azores and the Iberian peninsula will generate an E’ly flow of over thirty knots to the North of La Coruña!! Fortunately, this strong, icy breeze will progressively back to the SE, and the three solo sailors should be able to aim for the finish on a single tack on Thursday evening. The trio can be reassured, they will all be home for Christmas!


Hello from Spirit of Canada 16 December 2007

More downwind sailing with full mainsail and Code O. There is between 12 and 15 knots of wind and we are almost making a direct course for the finish line. My prediction is for my finish sometime late Wednesday. I'm a little tired and de-motivated today from all the hand steering effort over the last few days but the hard work has paid off as I have gained some miles on Dee and Rich. Whenever I feel like this I just think of all the support for Spirit of Canada and those 5000 Spirit of Canada Team Members that have supported us and have their names on the side of the hull. Thank you each and every one of you; without your support, Spirit of Canada would not exist. Also, I have received many emails that offer support and they help me through these down times as well. Sorry I cannot answer each one, if I did, I wouldn't get any sailing done. I truly appreciate your support, thoughts and prayers.

Take care,

Hello from Spirit of Canada 17 December 2007

A tough sailing day today with winds shifting in direction and strength, going from 12 knots up to 25 knots. So I have been spending a lot of time on deck putting in reefs and taking them out. Overall, making good progress towards the finish line. The two boats behind have been making good gains on me so that helps with my motivation as well to keep us sailing fast. Tonight is a dark, cold and dreary night with no stars to help out. I am only 100 miles from the Cape
Finisterre shipping control lanes so Im keeping an eye on deck for ships.

Take care,
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