Monday, December 17, 2007

Hatfield making strides now.

The Spirit of Canada has put quite a lot of miles between itself and the last of the competitors. Hatfield is expected to arrive at the finish line late Wednesday, or Thursday.

Hello from Spirit of Canada 15 December 15, 2007

The wind is back! Finally we have some decent wind, albeit from the south it is a welcome change from that heinous area behind us that held us for so many hours. Im sailing a direct course to the finish line at speed so it feels great. Congratulations to all of those skippers that are in port, what a fantastic job they did. The situation on board is very static at the moment and as I mentioned before, I am anxious to be finished and move on to the next stage. The family is on their way to France and will be flying overhead in about 6 hours from now. Ill keep an eye for the light in the window. The radio interviews from the media center are always a highlight of
the day. Its great to talk with the folks and let them know what is happening on board. I wish I could speak French better. Thats one of those projects that never seem to be finished.

Take care,