Saturday, December 15, 2007

How to define adorable...

Ahh, forget about the ocean racing we've been covering for a moment. Even for the Spirit of Canada moving north, passing by the Azores, it is starting to get chilly. Here in Montreal, the boats are all on the hard, the snow is accumalating, and the river is beginning to freeze beyond the bays. I have to go out and shovel some snow around the boat trailer. Aaack!

No, instead think back to the heat of the summer. Even on those windless days, hot and humid, not a race to be found on the calendar, the best boating of summer can still be had. Think of having the kids on board, messing about, quality time. Okay maybe they were whining to start the motor while you were thinking some wispy wind was meandering over from afar. Still, they are the moments to treasure, that are gone too quickly. I have a few of those moments (see older post with pic of my grandaughter) and intend to have more (with more extended family than I can count at the moment). That is a warming thought. Pierre immediately knew what kind of treasure we were talking about!

Pierre sent in this absolutely super photo a while back, and I finally found it again. With the mercury dropping, it is a good time to post it. Thanks so much. Here are Pierre's adjoining notes:

Hi Ralph

Love your new thread about kids. Good idea!

Here is my contribution. This is a photo of my daugther France. My Tanzer 22 was named "Coquine" (that's French for "naughty girl") in her honour. In fact, the first time she stepped on the boat, she decided that it was "her" boat since she was the only one who could fit standing up inside the cabin! She also chose the T22 new color; fluorescent lime green (it was either that or "Barbie" pink"!!!)