Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Derek's position back on track and in wind

Derek's location is once again tracked by satelite, and he is moving at 4.3 knots, once again ahead of Dee Cafari, stuck with little wind and moving at 1.6 knots. - Ralph

Spirit of Canada Shore Crew report:

Hello to everyone,

Derek is well today and in better spirits as he has some more wind and it doesn't seem so much like he is back in the doldrums. This is the hardest part of racing for the skippers, most people that have sailed before can make a boat sail with 10kts of wind but few can make the boat go well with very little wind and that is what Derek has been dealing with for the last couple of days, no wind. For Derek the pressure rises as the wind velocity falls.

Some of those following the race today will notice that Derek has not shown up in the last 2 position reports, all is well aboard the boat but the Satellite C unit used for polling the boat has switched ocean regions without us knowing it so we have adjusted and informed race committee so all should be good again for the next report.

We are sorry to hear about Delta Dore today losing their mast in the Southern Ocean, our best wishes for safe return to land for the crew. Delta Dore is competing in the Barcelona World Race which is double handed around the world non stop. Any of the Open 60 fleet that are vying for a position in the Vendee Globe are either doing the Ecover B2B or the Barcelona World Race as these are the first chances for new boats to qualify for a position in the Vendee Globe.

More to come with an update from Derek later today.