Thursday, December 13, 2007

Latest reports from Derek and two counterparts

For those readers of Montreal Sailing avidly following the BtoB and the Spirit of Canada here are latest reports.

Dee Caffari (Aviva): “I’m lost for words, devoid of emotion and hang my head in utter disbelief that this area of the Atlantic can be so calm. The infamous smile was gone and replaced with tears of despair today. The sun shone, the sea was blue and like a mirror. Not even a zephyr to be seen on the surface and Aviva floated going nowhere all day and now, all night. I am without boat speed, without wind, without forward momentum and without steerage. I haven’t got any new ideas on how to make us move and am coming close to being losing my personality. When everyone is in the same conditions you can deal with it better as you know you are not alone, but I cannot believe that the others are suffering like this tonight and I am now dreading the deficit in miles that will be shown in the morning’s polling. Things can only get better for Aviva and me.”

Derek Hatfield (Spirit of Canada): "Hello from Spirit of Canada. Becalmed. Not much else to say, catching up on maintenance, sleep and housekeeping.”

Rich Wilson (Great American III): “Becalmed again. 1.2 knots SOG. Venus beautiful yet again in mirror calm.”