Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hatfield pursuing puffs

Derek Hatfield is still caught up trying to find his way through the high pressure zone. The BtoB website is not reporting a ranking for him amongst the fleet. Perhaps it is more issues with damaged antennae. The last position info has him moving at only 2.4 knots over ground. Seems like the winds of Montreal in August. Meanwhile Dee Cafari has been cursing up a storm over the lack of moving air, and has now managed to find 8.4 knots over ground. That movement has also put her ahead again, and she now is 11th in the fleet. The leaders, far, far ahead, are blasting along and sustaining all sorts of breakdowns. They have turned towards Brittany and are expected in port in about three days.

Hello from Spirit of Canada,

Its been a long frustrating day for the back end of the fleet I suspect. I know these slow days are the most stressful type of sailing as you cannot leave the deck for fear that you miss an
opportunity to make a small adjustment to the sail trim or the compass in order to gain a fraction of boat speed. So I have been on deck since yesterday literally 98 % of the time. I lay down in the cockpit for small naps but thats it. The miles to the finish line look long indeed at 3.59 knots of boat speed. I had a visit from a very large dolphin today, the first of the trip. I'm hoping he or she will bring me some better luck. The learning curve on the Open 60 is
very steep right now but slowly it is starting to feel more like the first Spirit of Canada.

Take Care