Sunday, May 25, 2014

Montreal Sailing Communities Project

I'd like to write stories on many of the ways it is possible to enjoy sailing from Montreal.

I'll need the help of many of you.

A few rules: less than 40 minutes drive from downtown. Thursday evenings or weekends are OK.  Since I don't own a boat anymore, I'd enjoy being invited to crew.  On weekends I come with 2 boys, 5 and 8 who are at ease on a sailboat.

I have the following venues in mind:

  • Royal Saint-Lawrence Yacht Club
  • Venture Sailing Club
  • Ecole de Voile de Lachine
  • Canadian Forces Sailing Association Montreal CFSA
  • Beaconsfield Yacht Club
  • Pointe-Claire Yacht Club
  • Lord Reading Yacht Club
  • Baie d'Urfé Yacht Club
  • Ile Perrot Yacht Club
  • Senneville Yacht Club
  • Club Nautique Deux Montagnes
  • Hudson Yacht Club
  • Club de Voile des Laurentides
  • Ecole de voile Gilles Tétrault
  • Entre Air et Mer at La Prairie
  • Club Nautique de Longueuil
I have lived West of Montreal, and that bias is present here too.  A great project would be to do at least 8 of these.  I will be crewing on Tuesdays on Ketchup, a Shark at Pointe-Claire, so that club is covered.  There are often different facets to the same club, there is often a serious racing evening, one for beginners, cruising on the weekend...

Lachine is one of the closer options for sailing out of Montreal

If you know about people who would be interested in having me on board, please email me,

Etienne Portelance

October 2nd update :
I will include here links to articles of this series.  Le projet de voile à Montréal en Français
1 - The Old Port (in French)
2 - Pointe-Claire, a Tuesday night after the storm (in French)
3 - La Prairie, a Saturday morning (in French)
4 - Pointe-Claire, Tuesday night race with the whole family
5 - Dorval, racing when there is no wind (in French)
6 - Big dinghy racing (in French) - Lightnings
7 - Viper 640 out of Lake of Two Mountains (in French)
8 - CFSA, east edge of Dorval
9 - Venture sailing base (in French)
10 - Pine Beach public ramp in Dorval (in French)