Friday, February 12, 2010

Today, we saw the future?

Have we seen the future today? Pictured above is the hard wing that today clearly was the factor that won race #1 for BMW Oracle Racing. B-O clearly were able to keep their windward hull more consistently out of the water. The Alinghi Catamaran was thought to have a light air advantage, particularly downwind. However today showed that would not be the case. It appears that any such weight advantage was overcome by the power of the hard mainsail.

So, how long before we start seeing hardwings in Montreal!? I'm still using dacron whites as per class rules. Some of you are using higher tech sails with composites. The prices of some laminate sails have come down. Heck, given how far behind we are (fine by me for now), could it be decades before our sailboats have aircraft-type hard wings?