Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rahns get First, first, and first in Wayfarer

Peter and Alex Rahn had another successful trip to Florida, winning the 2010 Wayfarer Midwinter championship with a perfect three firsts in cool, breezy weather Feb. 5-7 at the Lake Eustis SC.
Gosh, the mainsail looks big in this pic. The Wayfarer website is where this photo is from. They are now announcing their 2010 World Championship in Weymouth, England. I think our champs should go.

The Rahns usually have their Shark ready pretty early. Since it is kept accessible indoors when work is done, I bet Peter is already considering his To Do list right now. Since their Shark named Eclipse sported the inspiring  nickname "My Stimulus Package" on the starboard side, I'm considering the nickname "Deficit Spending" for mine. Come Montreal racing season, I aim on switching again to "Boom Town". 
Woo-hoo, good times ahead!